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Источник: What's Update

Список изменений


  • Returning Hero: Vengeful Spirit [Rough Model]
  • Returning Hero: Morphling [Rough Model]
  • Returning Hero: Mirana [Rough Model]
  • Returning Hero: Tinker [Rough Model]
  • Update Beastmaster Model [Rough Model]
  • Weaver: Swarm bugs no longer show up on the minimap.
  • Chen: Dominating another creep and he's already pushed it to the limit, the oldest dominated creep will now be killed.
  • Chen: Fixed Holy Persuasion to not be self-castable.
  • Chen: Holy Persuasion-dominated creeps and Enchantress's Enchant-dominated creeps now have phased collision, just like units dominated with Helm of the Dominator.
  • Chen: Hand of God to work on all of his controlled units.
  • Chen: He will only kill his own units when trying to dominate more only if he is currently the Owner of the unit
  • Puck: Dream Coil will no longer do its initial attachment to invisible units.
  • Puck: Fixed Phase Shift avoiding all damage while silenced if set to autocast.
  • Enigma: Added expire display to Eidolons.
  • Enigma: Demonic Conversion can now be cast on siege units.
  • Enigma: Eidolon's will replicate at the start of the 7th attack instead of at the end of the 6th.
  • Enigma: Midnight Pulse now affects creeps but not ancients.
  • Enigma: Black Hole doesn't affect Ancients.
  • Enigma: Black Hole debuff can no longer be purged.
  • Enigma: Black Hole now does damage once a second for 4 seconds.
  • Enigma: Fixed Black Hole pull speed to be 40 instead of 60.
  • Enchantress: She speaks!
  • Enchantress: Fixing Nature's attendants to not target ancients or Couriers
  • Enchantress: Enchant doesn't target ancients anymore.
  • Enchantress: Enchant correctly is absorbed by the sphere.
  • Enchantress: Untouchable will now work on illusions
  • Lion: Mana Drain will now stop if the unit goes into the FOW
  • Lion: Mana Drain will now kill illusions in 1 second instead of 2
  • Lion: Fixed Impale' timing.
  • Lion: Fixed Impale to not affect Ancients.
  • Pugna: Life Drain will stop if the unit goes into the FOW.
  • Tiny: Fixed some minor things with Avalanche
  • Sand King: Fixed Epicenter from ending when sandking dies
  • Necrolyte: Changed the tick interval of Heartstopper Aura to every half-second rather than every second.
  • Faceless Void: Nerfed him by making Chronosphere actually show up for enemies.
  • Beastmaster: He will only kill his units on recasting the Nature's Call if he currently is the Owner of the unit
  • Earthshaker: Fixed Echo Slam hit rules to completely ignore invisible units (including FOW).
  • Doom Bringer: Scorched Earth now has no cast point.
  • Doom Bringer: Doom cannot be cast on Ancients/Roshan.
  • Doom Bringer: Cannot Devour another unit while devouring (mouth full, etc).
  • Doom Bringer: Scorched Earth now ticks once every second for its duration.
  • Doom Bringer: Scorched Earth cannot be purged.
  • Doom Bringer: Scorched Earth now increases health regeneration instead of healing for X every second.
  • Doom Bringer: Scorched Earth now fades immediatly when the duration expires instead of lasting for .5 longer (because it used to be an aura).
  • Doom Bringer: LVL?Death now applies its damage in two events: First the regular damage and then the bonus damage.
  • Doom Bringer: LVL?Death now ministuns for 0.01 instead of 0.1.
  • Doom Bringer: Doom cannot be purged.
  • Doom Bringer: Doom now does 13 damage ticks, starting with one at the start of the cast the last one coming 1 second before it expires.
  • Venomancer: Venomous gale travels at 1200 speed and provides 800 vision.
  • Venomancer: Poison sting does it's damage at the begining of the interval instead of the end.
  • Venomancer: Adding a fake modifier for poison sting to be used by illusions.
  • Venomancer: Poison Nova no longer hits units in the fog
  • Venomancer: The Nova starts with a radius of 255 and expands out over 1.15s to a radius of 830. Before it started at a radius of 0.
  • Venomancer: Nova Does an extra tick of damage when the effect is applied to enemies
  • Nevermore: Fixed positioning of Nevermore's Requiem projectiles.
  • Nevermore: Armor reduction from Nevermore's Presence is not applied if you can't see Nevermore.
  • Nevermore: Optimized Requiem's network usage. It should use 10% of the bandwidth it used before when creating all the projectiles/effects.
  • Warlock: Shadow Word can now be cast on catapults.
  • Witch Doctor: Sphere will eat Witch Doctor's Cask entirely.
  • Witch Doctor: Cask is now dodgeable by blinks.
  • Windrunner: Fixed Shackleshot projectile hit not providing vision
  • Windrunner: Fixed Focus Fire interaction with magic immunity
  • Spectre: Fixed Spectral Dagger being dodgeable
  • Spectre: Fixed Dispersion from working on Roshan Ancients
  • Spectre: Fixed Dispersion not triggering damage events like Dagger and Potions
  • Spectre: Fixed Haunting on enemy illusions
  • Spectre: Fixed Haunt illusion movement speeds


  • Added first pass effects for Veil of Discord.
  • Added new Necronomicon Warrior model [Rough Model]
  • Added item stock tracking for items that have a limited stock (Gem, Obs Wards, and Smoke of Deceit).
  • Fixed Mjollnir and Maelstrom to not proc on buildings.
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit to allow item usage without breaking invis
  • Changed the Urn announcement to be on purchase of the recipe rather than completion of the item.
  • Fixed Vladmir Damage aura improperly giving +15 damage instead of +15% damage from base damage and attribute bonuses.
  • Fixed Necronomicon summoned units not giving a kill to the player when they got the last hit.


  • Fixed the game start countdown to be 90 seconds.
  • The informational "teleporting" modifier is no longer purgable.
  • Made neutral creeps cast their abilities somewhat less often.
  • Satyr Callers will no longer automatically cast Mana Burn.
  • Harpies will no longer automatically cast Chain Lightning.
  • Hooked up new Announcer events.
  • Increased the resolution of the FOW visualization to give players more accurate information about what areas they can see.
  • All targeted abilities now pull neutrals camps (Lion's Mana Drain, Bane's Enfeeble, etc.).
  • Fixed not being able to cast on or deny invisible units on your own team.
  • Fixed a bug where you could miss when attacking flying units such as the flying courier, even if you were at the same height level as it.
  • Possible fix for not being in range of the shop on spawn.
  • Improved fog and height level calculations on ramps.
  • Improved selection rings indicating controlled/mouseover/queried.
  • Control Groups are no longer cleared if you disconnect.
  • Network Optimizations. The game should use less bandwidth now when spectating and while playing.
  • Dominated units now give half EXP.
  • Dominated units can now pass through other units.
  • Changed the stop key so that it cancels/interrupts without holding position. The H key is now hold position. Only affects players with Auto Attack turned on. Turn off Auto Attack to restore the previous stop behavior.
  • Fixed many creep Level/XP/Gold Bounty values. Significant ones:
    • Dark Troll Warlord level 3 -> 6
    • Dark Troll Warlord XP 62 -> 155
    • Ogre Mauler XP 119 -> 41
    • Satyr Hellcaller XP 88 -> 155
    • Jungle Stalker XP 155 -> 119
    • Jungle Stalker gold bounty 152-170 -> 52-70
    • Small Thunder Lizard gold bounty 44-56 -> 79-87
    • Melee creeps are now level 3.
    • Ranged creeps are now level 2.
    • Upgraded creeps are now level 1 and give only 25 exp.
    • Siege creeps are now level 4 and give 88 exp.


  • More work on the Player Perspective spectator view. It now switches all team based elements to the target's team. This means that minimap icons change based on friend vs enemy, health bars, etc.
  • More DOTA TV Directed tweaks. Made Possible Fights formula a bit tighter when it comes to distance from the fight so the director should ignore hurt people that leave the fight.
  • Fixed Illusions being considered by the Direftor when looking for possible battles.


  • New Top Bar!
  • New Chat!
  • New Inventory (if you play widescreen)!
  • New Spectator Panel!
  • Game Changer: Fixed key repeat in input boxes (backspace).
  • Dominated creeps show up bigger on the minimap.
  • Implemented drag-query. Now if you drag a selection box, and it contains only units you cannot control, you will query the unit that is closest to the start of the drag that you are not already querying.
  • Improved drag-select boxing feel.
  • Auto Attack in the game options is now on by default.
  • Fixed game end panel not updating items for your games after your first.
  • Fixed the delays on kill messages: Your streak gets mentioned in the chat and spoken first. If you have also achieved a double, triple, etc. kill then your streak audio will be cut off and that audio will take over.
  • Fixed chat messages:
    • Self-denies report correctly.
    • Deaths to enemy creeps and neutrals report correctly.
    • Deaths to non-heroes with hero assists now report correctly.