Dota 2 Вики
Dota 2 Вики
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Обновления (последнее) Обновление от 4 февраля 2016 Обновление от 5 февраля 2016 Обновление от 6 февраля 2016


Список изменений

  • Fixed a bug with some Elder Dragon Forms for Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight where selection boxes were sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where copy/paste would not work correctly in chat if text was selected from right to left.
  • Fixed achievement for tipping 10 times not granting the reward (we retroactively granted the reward to everyone who completed it so far).


  • Перезарядка Savage Roar увеличена с 28/24/20/16 до 38/32/26/20
  • Дальность применения Enchant Remnant уменьшена с 600 до 125

Winter 2016 Battle Pass

  • The Lucky Money Challenge of the Path of Blossom is no longer optional. Requires Intelligence and Wit challenge to be completed first.
  • The Double Kills / Multi Kills challenge of the Path of Blossom is now optional.
  • Extra style has been unlocked for Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest.

Winter 2016 Battle Pass

  • Added New Bloom quest line.
  • Added quest line rewards:


  • The Invitacional
  • Austin Dota2 Season 3
  • Sixense eSport Online Tournament
  • PG games cup
  • Baltic E-Sports Dota 2 League Season 1
  • InsaLan XI
  • EFCS Winter Cup Season Two
  • Geogamers Dota 2 Tournament
  • Nacion Gamers Tournaments