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Источник: Cinco de Update

Список изменений

  • Added Earthshaker and Kunkka bots.
  • Bloodstone now gains charges, rather than stacks a buff.
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks to DotaTV camera.
  • Hooked up Pudge's new Rot animation.
  • Fixed Fiend's Grip not working properly on magic immune units.
  • Fixed uppercase F not working properly in chat.
  • Standardized projectile hits with respect to Sphere, magic immunity, and invulnerability.
  • Added projectile dodging to teleports, invisibility, and Mirana's Leap.
  • Kobold Taskmasters now have Speed Aura.
  • Centaur Khans now have Endurance Aura.
  • Centaur Khans now have War Stomp.