Dota 2 Вики
Dota 2 Вики
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Боевой пропуск The International 2018

  • Predictions for The International 2018 Group Stages & Main Event have been rewarded.
  • The Main Event Bracket Prediction has been enabled.
  • A new spray of the Dota Icon has been awarded at Level 1 to all Battle Pass Owners.
  • Scoring rates have been added to this year's Fantasy Dota.


  • 30 Dust can be used to craft specific player cards this year.
  • Recycling multiple card now also works if there are multiple commons of the same card.

Любимая команда

  • Favorite teams can now be selected, and will give the owner the following bonuses:
    • The team's logo as a spray
    • The team's logo as an effigy flag
    • The team's logo as a profile icon
  • Collecting a full set of cards for a team will unlock custom teleport effects based on the team's logo.
    • Collecting all silver and gold cards will unlock upgraded teleport effects.