Dota 2 Вики
Обновления (последнее) Обновление от 30 марта 2016 Обновление от 31 марта 2016 Обновление от 5 апреля 2016


Список изменений

  • Fixed holding Alt to show hero icons.
  • Fixed bug where cursor could remain invisible forever when spectating a game in camera smooth drag mode while the game ends
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor could remain not at its default icon if you disconnected while your cursor was in a different state(for example, the attack cursor)
  • Fixed Lone Druid minimap icon Lone Druid's Bear appearing greyscale even when Lone Druid had an Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter.
  • Fixed the courier's Magic Immunity being purgeable.

Обновление 2

  • Ranked Captain's Mode now selects the highest ranked player of each team to be captain.
  • If a captain disconnects in Captain's Mode, another player is chosen to be team captain.
  • Fixed a bug where quickcast on release would trigger untargeted items twice.
  • Upgrading Boots of Travel icon Boots of Travel while teleporting no longer interrupts the teleport.
  • Fixed a number of controlled units not respecting the Summoned Units Auto-attack setting.
  • Fixed the sharing of Tango icon Tangos with some non-hero units.
  • Centaur Warrunner minimap icon Centaur Warrunner's Stampede icon Stampede now affects hidden units as well, for example during Outworld Destroyer minimap icon Outworld Destroyer's Astral Imprisonment icon Astral Imprisonment.
  • Removed Winter 2016 Battle Pass and associated Treasures from the store.