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Источник: Weekend Update

Список изменений


  • Added error checking for trying to move a unit that is not capable of moving (fountains, wards, etc)
  • Added error checking for trying to attack with a unit that is not capable of attacking.
  • Test of screen effects for being stunned and silenced.
  • Enabled tree distruction effects.
  • Added Camera Speed slider to the options panel.
  • Double- or Control-clicking on a unit will select all of that unit's type.
  • Made it slightly easier to double-tap center on your hero.
  • Removed cooldown on Power Treads stat swapping.
  • Added support for bots to infer what human players are doing. They'll now (generally) know if a human player on their team is roaming, pushing a tower, defending a tower, etc.
  • Re-enabled viewport crop to improve rendering performance.


  • Fixed attack points for units to be properly accurate.
  • Fixed a bunch of camera collision issues: Middle Mouse movement not respecting collision rules, minimap movement causing the camera to get stuck, etc.
  • Fixed Slardar's Slithering Crush not stunning units properly and causing them to play incorrect animations.
  • Fixed bug with spamming Pudge's Rot, and adjusted its tick interval to 0.2 from 1.0.
  • Fixed Puck's autocast Phase Shift not working correctly (still doesn't work correctly with disables).
  • Fixed issue with self-selection getting stuck due to strangness in mousing over your portrait.
  • Fixed cases where creating a linear projectile directly on yourself would cause it to get stuck. This includes fixes to Fissure, Ghost Ship, Dragon Slave, Arrow, Impale, Waveform, Illusory Orb, Meat Hook, Burrowstrike, Wave of Terror, and Power Shot.