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Список изменений


  • Ancient Apparition: Ice Blast spells now shows up for spectators.
  • Axe: Fixed Cull to to work on magic immune units.
  • Dark Seer: Vaccuum to allow pulling of units through buildings.
  • Dazzle: Fixing the timing on poison touch's minstun.
  • Dazzle: Poison touch doesn't get reduced by block.
  • Dazzle: Shallow grave is no longer purgable.
  • Dazzle: Shadow Weave now prefers to heal hurt targets and prefers to heal heroes.
  • Dazzle: Shadow Weave gives much longer vision duration.
  • Doom: He now plays his cast animations when casting abillities from units he's devoured.
  • Kunkka: Damage from Tidebringer should show up in the UI now.
  • Fixing Axe's counter helix to hit mechanical and use proficiency correctly.
  • Mirana: Fixed a recent bug that caused starfall to do half damage
  • Morphling: He can now use Morph while stunned.
  • Morphling: He can no longer morph when OOM.
  • Puck: Phase Shift is now a channeled ability, so it displays a channel bar and allows actions to be queued after it.
  • Riki: Backstab's bonus now increases properly when leveled up.
  • Sniper: Fixed Shrapnel slow not getting upgraded per level.
  • Spectre: Gave path 500/500 flying vision.
  • Spectre: Heroes only trail the path for 7 seconds, not 12 like the dagger does.
  • Spectre: The path radius is now 150, rather than 125.
  • Spectre: The debuff should last for 4 seconds on enemies now, rather than 7.
  • Sven : Storm Bolt now has 800 vision while it flies that stays at the target for 3.34 seconds where it hits.
  • Zeus: Static Field now refreshes properly when leveled up.
  • Zeus: Fixed incorrect vision range from Lightning Bolt.


  • Reduced neutral camp aggro range from 250 to 240.
  • Reduced Roshan aggro range from 250 to 140.
  • Fixed a bug where a hero attacking another hero near the outer edge of a tower's attack range would not draw the tower's attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where if two heroes were near each other and both attacking enemy heroes, creeps could indecisively run back and forth between the two attacking heroes.
  • Fixed a rare case where a tower may not have attacked a hero that was attacking another hero if a third hero on the first hero's team standing just beyond the tower's attack range was also attacking a hero.
  • Fixed wards not blocking neutral spawns.
  • You can no longer place wards in Roshan's area.
  • Changing behaviors that cleave to use damage after crits but before reduction from armor and block, excluding damage from procs.
  • Cleave hits mechanical units correctly and deals damage based on the proficiency like it should (50%)
  • Fixed lifesteal vs allied units.
  • Fixed a problem where you could be standing right next to an escaping enemy hero among the trees but unable to gain vision of him.
  • Fixed dead units preventing neutral spawns.
  • Fixed being able to Force Staff out of Chronosphere.
  • Fixed difficulty placing observer/sentry wards at certain locations
  • You can no longer attack Roshan from outside his area.
  • Fixed projectiles coming from the wrong location out of the FoW.


  • You can no longer drop items directly from your stash.
  • You can no longer give items to another hero from your stash.
  • You can no longer move items from your stash to the courier's inventory.
  • There's now a client-side error message if you try to manipulate an item that your selected unit is not holding.
  • Fixed shop activate and deactivate sounds not playing.
  • Fixed a bug where when you dragged an item from your inventory onto the ground, the item would be place only near where you dragged.
  • When you cancel chat, the input box is cleared.
  • Added harvest spectate stats panel.
  • Added items stats panel.
  • Added team gold graph stats panel.
  • Added buyback button to action panel and buyback cost to the stats tooltip
  • New UI for Hero picking while spectating.
  • Implemented the "Move" key functionality.
  • Courier is no longer shown as a special icon for the enemy on the minimap.
  • PlayerID guarded a bunch of hud functions for the spectator (-1) case.
  • Fixed Troll Priest not autocasting his ability when controlled by a player.
  • Added button for Glyph to the right side of the hud.
  • Added quickbuy queue to the hud.
  • Hooked up donkey loss and glyph use announcer messages and chat messages.
  • Added chat to hero picker and spectator hero picker.