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Dota 2 Вики
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Список изменений

Обновление 1

  • The campaign has been renamed from "Eul's Dungeon" to "Siltbreaker" on the backend.
  • The TI7 Fantasy League lock time daily has been changed from 10 AM PDT to 9 AM PDT.
  • Soundscapes file for the Siltbreaker campaign has been added to the files.
  • Some tags for the Immortal Treasure II 2017 have been updated on the backend. It is now linked to the right loot list (not announced) and is now also gift wrappable.
  • Updates to the portraits of Techies minimap icon.png Techies and Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern taunts in the TI7 Battle Pass.
  • A bug with the TI7 Luna Reef Kyte Rider Style Unlock has been fixed.
  • Monkey King's icon for the Boundless Strike on the Immortal Staff of Gun-Yu has been updated.
  • Fixed the "Original" and "Illustrious" style tags not being displayed correctly.
  • The Blog panel has been enabled
  • The size of Treant Protector minimap icon.png Treant Protector in the loadout has been changed from 75% to 70%.
  • Small response rules fix to Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma.
  • A ton of commands related to performance have been added and removed.
  • The strings have been updated so the user is notified that all members of the party do not have ownership of the Battle Pass to play a certain game mode. Also the names of the party members are displayed.

Обновление 2

  • Possible fix to a crash on startup.
  • Siltbreaker showing up by mistake on the Play Tab has been fixed.

Обновление 3

  • Добавлена измененная иконка на мини-карте для Arcana-предмета Benevolent Companion.
  • Spirits In и Spirits Out у Io minimap icon.png Io и Toggle Movement у Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix теперь не исчезают если не активны, и отображаются в снаряжении героя, вместо того чтобы быть пустыми.