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Список изменений

Новая жизнь

  • Enabled Mac client
  • Enabled Linux client
  • Fixed various bugs with non-QWERTY keyboard layouts
  • Fixed performance bug relating to Huskar minimap icon Huskar's Searing Dominator and Life Break icon Life Break ability
  • Fixed issues where the units you have selected may be out of date.
  • Fixed Familiars being visible in FoW
  • Fixed an out of memory crash that would occur after playing multiple games in a row
  • Fixed bug where there were spots along the edge of the map where camera grip did not work
  • Fixed a case where alt-tab would return to a blank screen
  • Fixed various layout bugs with active friend lobbies
  • Fixed some unselectable units like Stone Remnants being selectable with certain options
  • Fixed various bugs related to IME input
  • Added support for a wider range of bindable keys
  • Fixed character voices getting cut off
  • Fixed audio static in the dashboard on some systems
  • Fixed Auto Attack behavior being inconsistent with Source 1
  • Fixed various areas on the Terrain where you could get stuck
  • Fixed Ember Spirit minimap icon Ember Spirit voice
  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues when playing multiple games without restarting
  • Fixed some juke spots that were unintentionally changed
  • Fixed various bugs with Mud Golem behavior
  • Fixed a bug that could cause voice chat to be garbled
  • Fixed camera height being slightly incorrect in Dota games
  • Added walkable flag to the nonavclip material so that it will set the ground height
  • Various terrain warding fixes
  • Fixed the top bar text in the UI disappearing sometimes
  • Fixed various performance issues and bugs that result from alt-tabbing
  • Custom Lobby list now support filtering by region name
  • The "Unable to load sound system data" error is fixed after validating and restarting Steam.
  • Fixed multi-team bug where Slark minimap icon Slark's Shadow Dance icon Shadow Dance passive was only disabled by vision from one of the enemy teams
  • Fixed data-driven modifiers being unable to apply MODIFIER_PROPERTY_COOLDOWN_PERCENTAGE
  • Fixed data-driven modifiers being unable to apply MODIFIER_PROPERTY_FIXED_DAY_VISION
  • Fixed data-driven modifiers being unable to apply MODIFIER_PROPERTY_FIXED_NIGHT_VISION
  • Fixed a bug where reloading the same map would cause Lua-based modifiers to fail
  • Panorama's AsyncWebRequest function now works for any URL when used in custom game UI
  • Added GetAttributes() scripting capabilities to modifier_lua
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Games scripting where ReplaceHeroWith would crash if the unit name was invalid
  • Fixed a bug causing the dota_npc_creature class to sometimes not receive its HP upgrade
  • Fixed an issue causing script_help2 and cl_script_help2 to not display certain bindings
  • Fixed a bug where the panorama debugger tries to invoke a nonexistent p4.exe
  • Fixed bug where modifying panorama files didn't cause them to be automatically recompiled
  • Fixed crash in custom games when upgrading an ability on a hero that has more skill points than their level
  • Changed SFM to default to saving in the user’s addon directory, which fixes some "failure to save" problems
  • Tuned SFM light and camera defaults, so that creating a light in a new session now visibly lights the ground
  • Improved the quality of shadows in SFM
  • Fixed the Dota map's radiant and dire base ground meshes not rendering in SFM
  • Added user-editable color tint support for SFM models