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Список изменений


  • Ancient Apparition: Fixed Ice Blast's projectile not showing up on the minimap.
  • Doom Bringer: Fixed not being able to devour lane creeps.
  • Nevermore: Fixed a bug where Requiem wouldn't hit units that were in the AOE at the start of the spell.
  • Tiny: Fixed animation issues.
  • Puck: Fixed a bug with Phase Shift on autocast that could cause him/her/it to get stuck attacking Axe permanently.
  • Spectre: Fixed creeps trailing paths from Spectral Dagger.
  • Spectre: Fixed Reality being learnable at level 1, allowing you to cast Haunt.
  • Sven: Buffed up look of Storm Bold.
  • Sven: Goes red now when using God's Strength.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Pulse Nova cast point.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Pulse Nova being purgable.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Diabolic Edict cast point.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Diabolic Edict being purgable.
  • Leshrac: Fixed multiple instances of Diablog Edict not stacking.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Lightning Storm bounce delay.
  • Leshrec: Fixed Lightning Storm hitting invis/fogged units.
  • Leshrac: Fixed a bug with Lightning Storm constantly checking the initial target for Sphere.
  • Antimage: new Blink visuals.
  • Antimage: new Mana Void visuals.
  • Lich: Dark Ritual can no longer target summoned units.
  • Doom Bringer: Devour can now devour lane creeps.
  • Rattletrap: Hookshot now correctly passes through neutrals.


  • Fixed Urn recipe message not appearing if the recipe was immediately combined away into the actual Urn item.
  • Fixed a case where purchasing items with the courier would not reduce their stock or announce their purchase.
  • You will no longer get endless combines from items handed to you by a courier.
  • When combining items from the ground, their containing box will now also be destroyed.
  • Items being picked up will no longer be double-counted when considering combines.


  • 6.72d parity update
  • Disabled free courier.
  • Fixed custom activities not playing on dedicated servers.
  • Fixes Morphling not playing his waveform abilities, Pudge's Rot, etc.
  • Fixed illusions making injury noises when attacked off-screen.
  • Fixed double-kill credit due to Chen's Penitence.
  • Fixed Composite damage hurting ethereal units.
  • Improved reliability of targeting enemies just before they enter the fog.


  • Added spectator view of Hero selection.
  • Added channeling bar.
  • Moved inventory slots so there is no gap between them.
  • Decreased sensitivity of startling drag.
  • Shop change: right click to buy, left click to select, double-click removed.
  • Improved ease of edge-scrolling.
  • Fixed damage bonus not displaying properly.
  • Most video, audio, and game settings are marked dirty and save on ESC in game, tab changes, and exit.
  • Vsync and brighness update live.
  • Resolution changes happen immediately.
  • Audio features game volume, music volume update live.
  • Voice enable, transmit, receive, open mic, and open mic threshold update live.
  • New Buff panel.
  • Enemy cooldowns are now hidden in the UI
  • Dimmed/highlight ability button when inactive/active.
  • Fixed middle mouse drag-scrolling being unresponsive, especially at low framerates.


  • Fixed end game scores being stuck on after playing multiple games.