Dota 2 Вики
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Список изменений

  • Added additional capacity to the Australian matchmaking region
  • Almond the Frondillo will now correctly vanish when his owner is no longer visible.
  • Added a new option to automatically add new items to your collection tab.
  • Fixed Alchemist minimap icon Alchemist illusion's Greevil's Greed icon Greevil's Greed sometimes giving gold to a player other than the one that owned the illusion
  • Fixed Keeper of the Light minimap icon Keeper of the Light's Illuminate icon Illuminate not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed a recent regression in the Tiny minimap icon Tiny Toss icon Toss Compendium Challenge
  • Fixed a case where Sleight of Fist icon Sleight of Fist would not properly clear targets if it was interrupted by Activate Fire Remnant icon Activate Fire Remnant or by dying during Sleight of Fist
  • Workshop Importer: Fixed crash when importing some DMX files generated by community tools