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Dota 2 Вики
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Список изменений

  • Expiry date of The International 2017 Premium Player Card Pack has been changed from September 1, 2017 to September 18, 2017.
  • A bunch of changes have been made to the upcoming in-game Hero Guide Builder. They are all listed below
  • Publish All Guides button has been added to the builder.
  • Last updated time has been added to show on the Guides when needed.
  • Fixed a small UI bug where the items in the guide were showing their purchase state.
  • Shop item combinations are now draggable in the editor.
  • Fixed a couple of UI issues with the displaying of default guides.
  • Added necessary support for uploading guides to the Steam Workshop from within the editor itself.
  • Critical Damage tooltip has been added to Crystalys.
  • New Note: Crystalys- Critical Strike does not work against buildings.
  • Dedicated servers for bot scripts have been tagged on the backend with the script name in just of just their ID. The current ones include - Ranked Matchmaking AI - Full Bot Overwrite - Bot Experiment - PubSimulator.