Dota 2 Вики
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Список изменений

  • Fixed a bug that caused Greevil Eggs to lose socketed essences when traded. Eggs are now safe to trade.
  • Removed a restore option on Greevil Eggs that caused socketed essences to be lost.
  • Restored Greevil Eggs damaged by the trading and restore bugs to their owners. About 12,000 eggs were affected and have been restored. Check your backpacks for the extra eggs!
  • Added a Golden Baby Roshan trophy courier that will be awarded to the fastest Roshan killing players each cycle.
  • Private lobbies set to Tournament will now use the normal Dota map.
  • Candy can no longer be sold, dropped, killed, or given to couriers.
  • The Diretide announcer no longer overrides the killing spree announcer in non-Diretide games.
  • View previous Diretide Hall of Fame cycle winners on the play tab.