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Dota 2 Вики
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Список изменений

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  • Added lots of content regarding Dota Pro Circuit.
  • A lot of updates regarding the Overwatch system.
  • Removed Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink's announcement from the Dashboard.
  • The dashboard background now shows the last hero you played with in your last match, along with small details about the match.
  • Updated Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink materials and textures.
  • Fixed The Gilded Maw Forms not having a black form on level 4 Elder Dragon Form.
  • Updated Origin of the Dark Oath head and legs materials, and head and wings particles.
  • Updated Severing Lash's Plasma Field cast, idle, and loadout animations.
  • Updated Razor minimap icon.png Razor's model.
  • Updated Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer's model and animations.
  • Updated Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre's model and animations.
  • Updated Rain Forest Refugee head model.
  • Updated Direcourt Jester hook model.
  • Updated Pachyderm Powderwagon spoon model and animations.
  • Updated Ceremonial Robe icon.png Ceremonial Robe's icon.
  • Updated Souls Tyrant ambient particles.
  • Added a cast sound to Book of Shadows icon.png Book of Shadows.
  • Added a cast and target sound to Dark Portrait.
  • Terror Wave cast sound.
    • Removed 15000 falloff distance. [?]
    • Reduced spread radius from 3000 to 1500.
  • Friends menu now shows Recent Treasures.
  • Added attack speed animation activity modifiers for Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre: 130 fast, 200 faster [?]
  • Fixed "to enemies" being repeated in Blast Off! Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard description.
  • Removed the custom text from Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink's Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard descriptions.
    • Aghanim the Generous has yet to grant this hero an Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade. -> No Aghanim's upgrade found
    • Aghanim the Contemplative has yet to craft an Aghanim's Shard for this hero. -> No Aghanim's upgrade found
  • Fixed Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage's level 15 right talent description: +0.1s Mana Void Damage Multiplier -> +0.1 Mana Void Damage Multiplier
  • Updated texts that appear for chat-banned players.
    • Banned due to excessive reports:
      • Old: "No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your communication privileges temporarily revoked. Time remaining: %s1 hours"
      • New: "Other players may be unable to hear you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and you are now muted by default for all players. Time remaining: %s1 hours"
    • Banned due to low behavior score:
      • Old: "No one hears you. The behavior score in the your last behavior report has fallen below %s1 and your communication privileges have been temporarily revoked."
      • New: "Other players may be unable to hear you. The behavior score in the your last behavior report has fallen below %s1 and your communication privileges have been temporarily revoked."
    • Added a new notification that shows up for the team notifying them that a player is muted.
      • "One or more players have been default muted due histories of disruptive communications. Unmute them in the scoreboard if you prefer."
  • Added a new chat message for when someone get reported: "%s1 (%s2) has been reported for %s3."
  • Hoodwink minimap icon.png Hoodwink is no longer restricted from buying Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, Aghanim's Blessing icon.png Aghanim's Blessing and Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard.

Обновление 2

  • Fixed the game crashing when clicking on the "Learn" tab.
  • Fixed the game crashing upon casting Dark Portrait.

Обновление 3

  • Обновлены файлы локализации.
  • Disabled the Diretide main menu music, re-enabled the default music.