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Список изменений

Новая жизнь

  • Fixed a bug where users would not always be properly removed after they left lobbies
  • Fixed a bug where the custom game would not automatically launch when full
  • Fixed players getting 1025 gold in AR
  • Fixed missing particle effect for Winter Wyvern minimap icon Winter Wyvern's Arctic Burn icon Arctic Burn attack
  • More Terrain fixes
  • Fixed a crash when failing to connect to a server
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a shared announcer
  • Fixed Broodmother minimap icon Broodmother Webs blocking neutral camps
  • Fixed crash when moving sliders in material editor
  • Updated Faceless Void minimap icon Faceless Void hero movie
  • Fixed some issues with voice cutting out
  • Lobby chat is global by default
  • Fixed being unable to respond to whispers in team select or waiting for players screens
  • Fixed pending invites menu blocking tooltips
  • Fixed scrollbar not showing up with emoticon picker
  • Fixed Earth Spirit minimap icon Earth Spirit voice
  • LinkLuaModifier can now be called with three parameters to specify a filename/location (Ex: LinkLuaModifier( modifierName, fileName, LuaModifierType )
  • Fixed a bug related to abilities and scripts being in folders
  • Added OnProjectileHit/Think_ExtraData functions to ability_lua
  • Added GetTexture to modifier_lua
  • Fixed some cases where you would be able to join a lobby with a different version of the custom game
  • Fixed Faceless Void minimap icon Faceless Void's Time Walk icon Time Walk effect
  • Fixed a case where the Dota font wasn't showing up on Chinese clients
  • Fixed capitalization not working correctly with unicode characters
  • Fixed some bugs with IME input
  • Fixed sound event not obeying their respective volume sliders
  • Fixed some cases where heroes could spawn incorrectly and be stuck
  • Left clicking on a lobby in the custom game lobby browser will now join the game rather than show game info
  • Fixed various bugs with Smoke of Deceit icon Smoke of Deceit
  • Added Texture and Shadow qualities to video settings UI
  • Fixed sometimes not filling a lobby if there was one player left
  • Fixed some hardware detection issues that could result in lower performance
  • Added script supported for ExtraData kv with Projectiles
  • Fixed a crash when using the workshop submission tool
  • Fixed some bugs with Lua scripting where table to kvconverssions were missing Boolean types
  • Fixed playing the sound when you create/join a lobby through the UI
  • Fixed some areas where you could place wards that you normally wouldn't be able to
  • Demo mode invulnerability now affects additional units you own
  • Fixed some bugs with using max level in Demo mode
  • Added Lua script support for GetAdditionalOwnedUnits
  • Fixed Watch Live мини-карта showing buildings incorrectly
  • In some cases where there is an error in the install (like the soundmixer error), the game will automatically try to verify the install to fix the issue
  • Fixed a crash when alt tabbing in a UI that uses 3D models
  • Fixed attacking and selecting Nyx Assassin minimap icon Nyx Assassin while he is burrowed
  • Fixed being unable to target Supernova icon Supernova