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Список изменений


  • New Lina!
  • New Leshrac!
  • Nevermore: Fixed Requiem of Souls opening a rift to the hell and causing the framerate demons to attack clients.
  • Puck: Fixed Phase Shift interaction with various spells
  • Puck: Fixed minimap icon disappearing when he used Phase Shift.
  • Sand King: Fixed Epicenter and Caustic Finale being purgeable.
  • Sand King: Fixed burrow strike not respecting linken's and magic immunity rules when doing the close hit checks
  • Mirana: Fixed Starfall to not hit invisible units, and Arrow to not stun invisible units.
  • Mirana: Fixed the timing on Starfall
  • Mirana: Fixed Arrow not stopping correctly at magic immune units
  • Mirana: Midnight Shadow no longer works on illusions
  • Tidehunter: Fixed the radius on ravage (a little bigger)
  • Tidehunter: Fixed the total stun time on ravage (a little longer)
  • Tidehunter: Ravage damage now happens when the units land instead of when they fly into the air
  • Tidehunter: Anchor smash now correctly hit magic immune enemies (the ability deals physical damage) and doesn't hit ancients
  • Tidehunter: Fixed a typo from when one of the anchor smash values was renamed. The damage reduction should work correctly again even if it doesn't show up in the UI
  • Beastmaster: Fixed Inner Beast giving a constant attack speed bonus instead of a percentage.
  • Beastmaster: The hawk fades at the right time. (1 sec faster).
  • Beastmaster: Call of the wild summons units for the correct amount of time.
  • Beastmaster: The lower level pig doesn't have as strong a slow as the big pig.
  • Beastmaster: Fixed the pig's attack range.
  • Beastmaster: Inner beast works on non*heroes
  • Beastmaster: Wild axes provide vision
  • Lina: Light Strike Array and Dragon Slave should now hit ancients (except for the magic immune ones).
  • Lina: Laguna blade has a 0.25 second delay before the damage is dealt.
  • Venomancer: Fixed a bug where Veno's venomous gale wasn't visible.
  • Tinker: Fixed incorrect armor values
  • Leshrac: Fixed incorrect armor values
  • Chen: Fixed Penitence effect being delayed.
  • Chen: Fixed Penitence projectile speed.
  • Chen: Fixed Test of Faith working on ancients.
  • Chen: Fixed Chen's teleporation not interrupting a unit.
  • Chen: Fixed Hand of God working on illusions.
  • Storm Spirit: Fixed Static Remnant affecting ancients.
  • Storm Spirit: Fixed Static Remnant triggering rules.
  • Morphling: Fixed Waveform speed.
  • Morphling: Fixed Replicate not being blocked by Linken's Sphere.
  • Morphiling: Fixed Morph Replicate not having cast time.
  • Morphling: Fixed how the autocasting Morph Agi/Str works.
  • Morphling: Fixed how attribute bonuses interact with Morph (and in general).
  • Morphling: Fixed lots of bugs with Adaptive Strike.
  • Morphling: Fixed Adaptive Strike pushing Roshan.
  • Dazzle: Poison Touch from 1/2/2/2 set time to 1/2/3/3.
  • Shadow Shaman: New Serpent Ward model


  • New Action Panel! (Main HUD)
  • New Hero Picker!
  • Fixed wards so they will give an error message if you try to place them in an invalid location.
  • Alternate healthbar implementation that draws everything in 1 batch.
  • Fixes to clicking units and responsiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where if you dragged a selection box very quickly (faster than one frame), the box would not select any units.
  • Right click on inventory items ( sell