Обновление от 13 февраля 2017

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Список изменений

  • Added Drag & Drop of items in your inventory in the pre-game strategy panel.
  • Fixed a bug where in Chinese lines after newlines were sometimes not being drawn.
  • Desaturated the default items in the hero loadout screens.

Анимации пользовательских игр Dota 2

  • Added ability for Dota custom games to register custom animation lua scripts to run when a model loads.

Before a model is loaded (ie. at the beginning of addon_game_mode.lua) you must register a custom animation script: RegisterCustomAnimationScriptForModel( "models/heroes/medusa/medusa.vmdl", "animation/heroes/medusa/medusa_custom.lua" )

  • The expiry date of the Fall 2016 Player Cards has been set to February 15, 2017.
  • All default hero parts are now desaturated in the hero picker.
  • Arcana's and Immortal's now have their own custom Equipped markers.
  • Updated skill and item builds for a few bots.

Обновления скриптов ботов

  • Added GetLinearProjectiles() global function. Returns a table of all visible linear projectiles, each consisting of { "location", "ability", "velocity", "radius" }.
  • Added GetIncomingTrackingProjectiles() unit function. Returns a table of a visible projectiles tracking this unit, each consisting of { "location", "ability", "is_dodgeable", "is_attack" }.
  • Added GetAvoidanceZones() global function. Returns a table of visible avoidance zones, each consisting of { "location", "ability", "caster", "radius" }.
  • Added GetAmountAlongLane( nLane, vLocation ) function to the global bot script API which returns a table { "amount", "distance" } which are the 0.0-1.0 amount along the lane, and the perpendicular distance from the lane.
  • Added GetTeam() to the unit bot script API.
  • Fixed NumQueuedActions() and GetQueuedActionType() not being in the scripting bindings.
  • Fixed modes not getting an OnStart() script call if they're the initial mode.