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Это страница документации для Модуль:Demo.
Она содержит информацию о использовании, категории и другое содержание, которое не является частью оригинальной страницы модуля.
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This module supports {{Demo}}


The input must be wrapped in nowiki tags or else it may be processed before the module can read it. If you want to use this in another module (such as to make the output prettier), you can get values like so:


Function get() returns a table containing:

  • source = the source code (without pre wrappers, characters substituted with html entities)
  • output = the execution result of the source.
  • frame = the frame from which this template took the parameter.

By default, get() takes the first parameter of frame. If the frame uses a different parameter name for the nowiki-wrapped source, then place that name (as a string) as the second parameter, like so require('Module:demo').get(frame, 'alternate_name')


p = {}

 function p.main(frame)
  local parts = require('Module:demo').get(frame)
  return '<Pretty html><pre>' .. parts.source .. '</pre><more pretty html>' .. parts.output .. '<even more pretty html>'

 return p