Dota 2 Вики
Дата выпуска


Axe icon.png Axe

  • Culling Blade Scepter CD reduced by 5 seconds

Beastmaster icon.png Beastmaster

  • Greater Hawk bounty increased from 40 to 65 gold

60px Bone Fletcher

  • Death Pact reworked:
    • Kills a target unit and gains bonus damage and HP capacity based on that target's current health when killed.
HP: 50/60/70%
Damage: 6/7/8%
Buff Duration: 35
Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 45
Notes: This does not work like usual HP gain. This increases his current health and max health by a certain amount and when the duration runs out, his max HP drops but his current HP remains the same.

Bounty Hunter icon.png Bounty Hunter

  • Tracked targets now have a visual effect above their head that is only shown to Bounty Hunter's allies. Neither the target nor any enemy can see it. (concept only: 102922)

Bristleback icon.png Bristleback

  • Warpath maximum stacks increased from 4 to 5

60px Centaur Warchief

  • Return's damage reworked from 12.5/25/37.5/50 damage to attackers to 10+26/34/42/50% of your Strength as damage

Chen icon.png Chen

  • Test of Faith cooldown from 30 to 30/28/26/24

Clockwerk icon.png Clockwerk

  • Power Cogs unit trapping code improved a little bit
  • Hookshot Scepter CD from 20 to 15

60px Dirge

  • Tombstone's HP increased from 150/300/450/600 to 200/400/600/800

60px Furion

  • Sprout can now be cast at a target point (173567)

Huskar icon.png Huskar

  • Inner vitality heal interval is smoother (same overall heal)

Jakiro icon.png Jakiro

  • Base armor increased by 2

60px Kaldr

  • Cold Feet mana cost increased from 90/100/110/120 to 150

Kunkka icon.png Kunkka

  • Base armor decreased by 1

60px Leoric

  • Vampiric Aura AoE increased from 600 to 900
  • Reincarnation now costs a constant 100 mana cost instead of 100/150/200

Leshrac icon.png Leshrac

  • Split Earth cast range increased from 650 to 750
  • Diabolic Edict cooldown reduced from 30/28/26/24 to 22
  • Visual effect now properly shows on Scourge towers
  • Fixed Diabolic Edict considering invulnerable buildings as valid targets and wasting some hits

Lich icon.png Lich

  • Frost Nova's Level 4 cooldown from 9.25 to 8

60px Lina Inverse

  • Fiery Soul Attack Speed buff from 20/30/40/50% to 30/40/50/60%
  • Light Strike Array cooldown from 10 to 8

Luna icon.png Luna

  • Lunar Blessing reworked:
    • Provides all nearby allied heroes with constant bonus damage as well as extra night vision for your hero.
Night Vision: 250/500/750/1000
Bonus Damage: 6/12/18/24
Note: This only affects heroes.

60px Lycanthrope

  • Howl hero bonus damage from 11/22/33/44 to 20/30/40/50 (unit bonus damage scaling remains 4/8/12/16)
  • Howl duration from 16 to 12.
  • Howl cooldown from 35 to 50/45/40/35.

Omniknight icon.png Omniknight

  • Repel duration decreased from 5/10/15/20 duration to 6/8/10/12
  • Repel cooldown decreased from 20 to 14
  • Repel mana cost decreased from 60/70/80/90 to 50

60px Magnataur

  • Reworked some of his abilities
  • Removed Great Cleave
  • Reworked Empower
Ally or self castable buff. Temporarily provides Bonus Attack Damage (base damage only) and Cleave (for melee units)
Bonus Damage: 15/25/35/45%
Cleave: 15/25/35/45%
Duration: 30
Mana cost: 40
Cooldown: 12
  • Added new ability (Skewer)
Magnataur rushes forward, goring enemies on his massive tusks.
Hits up to two units max. Charges up to 800 range max. Units hit will be stuck with you until you reach your targeted point, at which point they will be slowed by 40% for 2 seconds.
Damage: 50/100/150/200
Mana cost: 80
Cooldown: 45

Medusa icon.png Medusa

  • Intelligence per level reduced from 2.25 to 1.85

60px Naix

  • Open Wounds cooldown from 30/25/20/15 to 24/20/16/12

60px Nerubian Assassin

  • Spiked Carapace replaced with Urna Swarm
  • Impale damage reduced from 80/160/230/300 to 80/140/200/260

60px Nerubian Weaver

  • Replaced Urna Swarm with new ability:
    • The Swarm:
      • Target a point. A large swarm of creatures (12) will move towards that direction, each latching onto an enemy unit that it comes into contact with. Each unit will only get latched onto by one creature maximum. The creatures that don't find a unit will just keep moving forward for a bit until they find something in that direction to latch onto. Visually it looks like the swarm is rushing forwards looking for unoccupied targets.
      • When a creature latches onto a unit, it will remain on that target until the creature is killed or its duration runs out. The creatures can be killed via attacks, but they require a certain number of attacks, regardless of damage, to get them off of you. Once they latch onto you, they slowly eat away at your armor and do minor damage. Again, they can be attacked while they are attacking you.
Attacks to kill: 4
Total Duration: 8/12/16/20
Time between attacks: 1.5 seconds
Damage per attack: 21/24/27/30
Armor loss per attack: 1
Cooldown: 36/33/30/27
Mana cost: 75
Note: You have vision of your creatures, so if they are latched onto an enemy hero you will be able to see him (no truesight).
Note 2: The creatures fall off their target if it goes invisible.

Phantom Lancer icon.png Phantom Lancer

  • Juxtapose illusions now take 450% extra damage (up from 400%)

Puck icon.png Puck

  • Added Aghanims to Faerie Dragon (5->7 Dream Coil duration, +100 break damage, +50 mana cost)

Pudge icon.png Pudge

  • Flesh Heap death AoE increased from 400 to 525

Queen of Pain icon.png Queen of Pain

  • Shadow Strike duration damage increased from 10/20/40/50 to 15/30/45/60

Spirit Breaker icon.png Spirit Breaker

  • Charge of Darkness stun duration improved from 1/1.5/2/2.5 to 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6
  • Charge of Darkness chargeup movement bonus standardized across all levels (now 15% each second). As before, magic immunity is gained when fully charged.
  • Charge of Darkness movement bonus now lasts for 2 seconds after impact with target.
  • Fixed the enemy seeing Spiritbreaker briefly on the minimap when Charge of Darkness is cast
  • Fixed Spiritbreaker losing attack focus when you Greaterbash someone

Silencer icon.png Silencer

  • Curse of the Silent now displays a buff indicator
  • Game*wide sound gets muted when Global Silence is used (173422)

Slardar icon.png Slardar

  • Amplify Damage duration reduced from 30 to 25 seconds
  • Sprint duration reduced from 25 to 20
  • Sprint cooldown reduced from 45 to 40
  • Sprint bonus MS rescaled from 10/20/30/40% to 20/27/33/40%
  • Sprint damage amp increased from 10% to 15%

Spectre icon.png Spectre

  • Desolate's search AOE improved from 400 to 350

Storm Spirit icon.png Storm Spirit

  • Attack range lowered from 500 to 480

Sven icon.png Sven

  • Storm Bolt cooldown increased from 14 to 15

Techies icon.png Techies

  • Now gains XP for kills he gets with his remote mines or proximity mines if he is outside of the normal xp range.

Tiny icon.png Tiny

  • Grow movement bonus per level increased from 5 to 10

Terrorblade icon.png Terrorblade

  • Soul Steal reworked:
    • Can target an enemy or allied unit. Tranfsers life away from you if cast on an ally and to you if cast on an enemy.
    • Not Channeling, ends if Link Range is broken.
HP Transfer: 20/40/60/80 HP/Sec
Duration: 5/6/7/8
Cast Range: 400
Link Range: 600
Mana cost: 80
Cooldown: 16
Note: When casting it on an ally, you have a secondary ability that lets you interrupt it whenever you want.

Tidehunter icon.png Tidehunter

  • Ravage now has some travel time as it grows outwards

60px Rooftrellen

  • Reworked Eyes in the Forest
    • Sentinel:
      • Summons a Sentinel unit from the forests to the targeted point. The Sentinel is invisible to enemy units (revealed by truesight).
      • Sentinels have a small vision radius and can be instructed to defend the nearby area. When they are in Defense mode (special animation for this), their vision and invisibility cloak are removed and they automatically attack the nearest enemy unit that comes into their range.
      • Once a Sentinel attacks at an enemy unit, it returns to Watcher mode.
Watcher Vision: 500 (Does not grant truesight)
Defense Attack Range: 500
Defense Vision: Self only
Defense Ability: Attacks a random enemy unit within its aoe. The target takes 125/150/175/200 damage and becomes stunned for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds.
Sentinel Summon CD: 85/70/55/40
Sentinel Summon Mana cost: 50
Sentinel Summon Cast Range: 900
Sentinel Summon Duration: 8 minutes
Sentinel HP: 300
Sentinel Bounty: 40 Gold
Sentinels can be killed by either attacks or spells. They can get hurt by AoE spells while they are invisible.
Note 1: The Sentinel is visible for a brief period as it is getting summoned
Note 2: You can see your Sentinels on the minimap
Note 3: Nature's Guise works with your Sentinels.
Secondary Ability - "Transform Sentinel":
Toggles a target Sentinel between Watcher and Defense modes.
Cooldown: 10
Mana cost: 20
This ability is on your hero. As such, you can only toggle/activate Sentinels once every 10 seconds. You can target a specific Sentinel or click at any point and it will find the closest one.

Troll Warlord icon.png Troll Warlord

  • Berserker's Rage bash rebalanced from 5/5/10/10% chance for 2 seconds bash and 25/50/25/50 damage to 10% chance for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2 seconds bash and 20/30/40/50 damage

Vengeful Spirit icon.png Vengeful Spirit

  • Wave of Terror now reduces HP instead of dealing damage (same overall HP loss, but now does not disable clarity/dagger/etc)

Venomancer icon.png Venomancer

  • Poison Nova duration increased from 12 to 12/14/15/16 (Agh's) seconds

Zeus icon.png Zeus

  • Static Field AoE increased from 800 to 900



Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade

  • Requires:
    • Eaglehorn (3300)
    • Ghost Scepter (1500)
    • Wraith Band (460)
  • Provides:
    • + 40 Agility
    • + 10 Strength
    • + 10 Intelligence
Ether Blast (Active)
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 35
Upon targeting an enemy hero, both your hero and the target get banished for 3 seconds. Target takes 2.5x your Agi in magic damage and is slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Note: Shares cooldown with Ghost Scepter

Soul Ring icon.png Soul Ring

  • Requires:
    • Ring of Regeneration (350)
    • Sobi Mask (325)
    • Recipe (125)
  • Provides:
    • +3 HP Regeneration (from ror)
    • +50% Mana Regeneration (from sobi)
    • Sacrifice(active)
    • Cooldown: 25
    • Duration: 10
Sacrifice Ability:
Upon activation, you sacrifice 150 HP to temporarily gain MP. This action gives you 150 extra mana to use in the next 10 seconds. Any extra mana that isn't used from that bonus is lost after the duration is over. Any mana usage drains from your buffer mana first.

Изменения в балансе[]

Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Ring

  • Armor bonus increased from 3 to 4

Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian

  • Toggle cooldown from 10 to 5 seconds

Blades of Attack icon.png Blades of Attack

  • Cost decreased from 500 to 450

Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone

  • Bonus HP increased by 50 from 450/400 HP/MP to 500/400 HP/MP

Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon

  • Recipe reduced from 1350 to 1300

Force Staff icon.png Force Staff

  • Cooldown decreased from 25 to 20

Headdress icon.png Headdress of Rejuvenation

  • HP regen aura increased from 2 to 3

Mjollnir icon.pngMaelstrom icon.png Mjollnir & Maelstrom

  • Chance to proc lightning increased from 20->25% and adjusted the damage (same overall damage rates, just little more reliable)

Manta Style icon.png Manta Style

  • Recipe increased from 500 to 600

Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon

  • Summoned units are now able to attack Ancients

Sange icon.png Sange

  • Recipe decreased from 800 to 750

Satanic icon.png Satanic

  • Unholy Rage activated lifesteal from 150 to 175%

Yasha icon.png Yasha

  • Recipe decreased from 800 to 750


  • Implemented a new mode for observers -zm (-zoommode). It pulls the camera outwards to see more action at the same time.
  • Implemented a new game mode -cp (-capturepoint)
This game mode requires more teamwork and coordination than you might expect from your usual funmode.
After 10 minutes, 6 capture points appear at fixed locations around the map. Once the capture points are created, those areas are permanently visible to both teams for the rest of the game.
To capture a point, you have to be standing on it for a certain amount of time. The more heroes standing on it the faster you gain control over it. There cannot be any enemy heroes at a point you are trying to capture. With 5 heroes it requires 12.5 seconds to capture (60 for just 1 hero). Heroes cannot be invisible while on a capture point area. Illusions do not count as heroes when on top of a Capture Point.
There are 3 types of capture points, if you get 2 of the same type then they stack. Duplicates of each type are available on opposite sides of the map.
The game announces when an enemy captures a point. It is also visible on the minimap which areas you have captured and which areas the enemy has. When you capture a point, your team's heroes gain bonuses to various attributes (described below)
Combat - CP Type 1 [Bonus Damage/Armor]: Increases your Damage by 14 and Armor by 4 (Twice of each if you have both)
Regen - CP Type 2 [Bonus Health/Mana Regeneration]: Increases your Health Regeneration by 4 and Mana Regeneration by 1
Speed - CP Type 3 [Bonus Movement/Attack Speed]: Increases your Movement Speed by 4% and Attack Speed by 12%
If you have two of the same type, you get twice the bonus. For example, if you have both Combat you get 28 bonus damage and 8 bonus armor.
Whenever your team captures or recaptures a point, all allied heroes in that area will get healed for 200 hp/mp, gain 150 bonus gold and bonus xp (4 creeps worth)
The image below has the Capture Point placement locations.
Red = Speed
Blue = Combat
Orange = Regeneration
  • A few new tree placement changes
  • Bonus magic damage to Decrepified units changed from 44% to 40%
  • Removed creep targetability from Clarity Potion
  • Added text message when a courier gets upgraded (197577)
  • Updated various tooltips (168489)
  • Fixed Moonwells visual chargeup animation
  • Earthsplitter visual effect now more accurate
  • Added bonus gold/xp values to the final scoreboard
  • Added correct portrait with crown for King Leoric (155373)
  • Fixed some minor issues with Ironwood Branch icon (147529)
  • Fixed a lot of passive icon inconsistencies
  • CM heros updated (In: Alchemist, Visage, Bounty Hunter, Spiritbreaker, Lucifer, Out: NA, Mag, TB, Tree, Weaver, Clinkz)
  • Only blue can type -cm 1/2
  • Fixed inaccurate replay data for assists ("Assist"+AssistPlayerId,VictimPlayerId)
  • Added Neutral Creep kills replay data during update inteveral ("NK"+PID,Value)
  • Replay data event written for successful player swaps ("SWAP_1_3",heroid for player 1 swapping player 3, heroid is the id that player 1 receives)
  • Added a reminder in Charge of Darkness tooltip about the ability to start the charge at any time
  • Added an Autocast icon for Urna Swarm
  • Added an Autocast icon for Poison Attack
  • Added level indicator to Healing Ward (193370)
  • Improved cast animation for Diabolic Edict and now plays explosion effects randomly whenever they would otherwise be invisible/wasted iterations. (108991)
  • New visual effect for the offensive use of Urn of Shadows
  • New visual effect for Naga Siren's Mirror Image
  • New visual effect for Nighstalker when he is casting Fear at night (176005)
  • New visual effect for Phantasm
  • New projectile/impact visual effect for Chaos Bolt
  • New Chaos Bolt icon (194693)
  • New CK Critical Strike icon (194693)
  • New Reality Rift icon (194693)
  • New Phantasm icon (194693)
  • New Invoke icon (125104)
  • New Netherstrike icon (124841)
  • New Chronosphere icon (179529)
  • New Torrent icon (147053)
  • New Juggernaut Aghanims visual effect (141332)
  • New Techies Aghanims visual effect (198827)
  • New Bane Aghanims visual effect (198827)
  • New Necrolyte Aghanims visual effect (198827)
  • New Faceless Void Aghanims visual effect (166075)


  • Fixed various rare exploits
  • Fixed some bugs with Dark Pact
  • Fixed some possible bugs with power cogs
  • Fixed Ice Blast interaction with Reincarnation
  • Fixed Mekansm not healing Visage's Familiars
  • Fixed a fatal error exploit with couriers
  • Fixed a bug with Wild Axes on Furion's Sprout
  • Fixed a bug when using Chilling Touch on Lanaya
  • Fixed Double Click TP being bugged from 1.24e patch
  • Fixed some bugs with Goo interaction with other spells
  • Fixed a bug with dying while casting Charge of Darkness
  • Fixed an allied Death Coil being blocked by Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed a couple of areas you could get stuck while using TP Scrolls
  • Fixed a rare Armlet crash bug possible when using leaver items
  • Fixed some minor issues with Javelin with spirit bear and invisible units
  • Fixed some Roshan issues where he could sometimes get stuck in trees
  • Fixed bugs with Jinada when it comes out of cooldown while in Windwalk
  • Fixed some damage interactions between Centaur's Return and Frost Armor
  • Fixed some minor bugs with stat stealing from Medusa while using splitshot
  • Fixed some occurances where Scourge creeps on the bottom lane would skip the first waypoint
  • Fixed a bug that made it sometimes possible to use items during Blackhole depending on your entry vector

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