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Versão 5.55
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  • Balanceado heróis.
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  Versão 6.87b
*Nerubian Assassin: changed to Agility.
*Phantom Assassin: Coup de Gras targets heroes only.
*Queen of Pain: Fan of Knives and Sonic Wave both improved.
*Slithereen Guard: Added Sprint in place of Splash: decreased stun on War Stomp, decreased armor penalty on Amplify Damage.
*Night Stalker: fixed bugs with his daytime casting.
*Lich: fixed Chain Frost, Decaying Soil now hits heroes, lowered damage on Frost Nova.
*Leoric: no changes.
*Krobelus: decreased length/width on Carrion Swarm, reduced number of specters from Exorcism, increased base and per level Strength.
*Leshrac - nerfed Split Earth slightly, increased mana cost on Pulse Nova.
*Lion - removed building damaging from Scepter/Finger, doubled cooldown on Finger.
*Magnus - decreased stun on Reverse Polarity to 1/2/3 seconds.
*Medusa - improved Chain Lightning's damage, increased base stats, reduced mana cost and cooldown on Split Shot.
*Pudge - removed Carrion Flies and Beetles: Added Explosion and Chain Explosion.
*Visage - removed Death Pact and added Dissipate: improved Frenzy, improved base and starting stats.
*Added -reverse.
*All auras now have a range of 300.
*Supercreeps are gone.
*Fixed some bugs that I knew about: others I know about but still are not fixed in this version.

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