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The Unit infobox is used for statistics on summons and other non-hero units.


To implement this infobox, add {{Unit infobox}} to your article. You should probably set some unit specific parameters. Use this code:

{{Unit infobox
| title = 
| image = 
| type = 
| ancient = 
| level = 
| duration = 
| health = 
| health regen = 
| mana = 
| mana regen = 
| armor = 
| armor type = 
| magic resistance = 
| attack damage min = 
| attack damage max = 
| attack type = 
| acquisition range = 
| attack range = 
| range type = 
| base attack time = 
| attack point = 
| attack backswing = 
| missile speed = 
| movement speed = 
| movement type = 
| follow range = 
| turn rate = 
| collision size = 
| sight range day = 
| sight range night = 
| vision type = 
| bounty min = 
| bounty max = 
| experience = 
| model scale = 
| notes = 


Attribute Description
title The infoboxes title. Should be the name of the unit. Defaults to Unknown.
image The infoboxes image. Should be an image of the unit's model. Defaults to Unknown.png.
type The unit type. Valid parameters are Creep, Creep-Hero, Lane Creep, Jungle Creep, Summon, Ward, Building and Other. Defaults to Unknown.
ancient Set true if the unit is an ancient. Defaults to false.
level The level of the unit.
duration The unit's life duration in seconds. Defining 0 will display Permanent.
health The unit's maximum health.
health regen The unit's health regen per second.
mana The unit's maximum mana.
mana regen The unit's mana regen per second.
armor The unit's armor value.
armor type The unit's armor damage type. Valid parameters are Hero, Soft, Strong and Structure. Defaults to Unknown.
magic resistance The unit's magic resistance value in %.
attack damage min The unit's minimum base attack damage.
attack damage max The unit's maximum base attack damage.
attack type The unit's attack damage type. Valid parameters are Hero, Basic, Pierce and Siege. Defaults to Unknown.
acquisition range The distance required for a unit to automatically acquire an attack target.
attack range The unit's attack range value.
range type The unit's attack type. Valid parameters are Melee and Ranged. Defaults to Unknown.
base attack time The unit's base attack time.
attack point The length of the animation just before an attack.
attack backswing The length of the animation just after an attack.
missile speed The travel speed of the unit's attack projectile. Leave out if melee unit.
movement speed The unit's base movement speed. The movement type is decided by the vision type parameter.
movement type The unit's movement type. Valid parameters are Walking and Flying. Defaults to Unknown.
follow range The distance a unit tries to keep when ordered to follow anothe runit.
turn rate The rate which determines how long the unit needs to turn 180°.
collision size The unit's collision size.
sight range day The range in which the unit can see during the day.
sight range night The range in which the unit can see during the night.
vision type The unit's type of vision. Valid parameters are Ground and Flying. Defaults to Unknown.
bounty min The minimum possible gold given when the unit is killed.
bounty max The maximum possible gold given when the unit is killed.
experience The experience given when the unit is killed.
model scale The size of the unit's model. Most units don't use their model's original size and are either scaled up or down.
notes Additional notes about the unit.

Wiki infrastructure

Only use one regular unit infobox per page. There are two parameters to fit in the infobox into the wiki:

Parameter Description
structure Specify how the infobox is related to the page. Defaults to main (means it is the main infobox of the page and all semantic properties will be included). If the infobox is not the main part of the page, define hidden.
game Specify when the unit is part of a custom or seasonal game. Defaults to empty (means the standard Dota 2 game).