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Esta predefinição usa Lua.
Its code can be found under Module:Template.

This template is used to display how to use a template.


  • {{tl|cleanup}} generates {{cleanup}}.
  • {{tl|clear|clear}} generates {{clear|clear}}
  • {{tl|clear|text=clear}} generates {{clear|text=clear}}
  • {{tl|clear|clear|subst=yes}} generates {{subst:clear|clear}}


Parameters are not displayed in the order they are entered. Instead numbered arguments get displayed first and named arguments afterwards, sorthed by alphabet. To change this behaviour, prefix all arguments with the number of the position they are supposed to appear in (starting at 2, as the first argument is the template name).

  • {{tl|clear|text=clear|both}} generates {{clear|both|text=clear}}
  • {{tl|clear|2=text=clear|3=both}} generates {{clear|text=clear|both}}