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Máscara da Loucura
Mask of Madness icon
Quando esta máscara é usada, o seu portador se torna uma incontrolável força agressiva.
Ativo Fúria
Passiva [?] Roubo de Vida
Bônus [?] +10 de velocidade de ataque
Desmontável? Sim
Alerta aliados? Não
Máscara da Loucura (1775)Components2
Máscara Mórbida (900)
Bastão (875)

Máscara da Loucura é um item comprável na loja da base, na categoria artefatos.


Sem alvo
A si
Em inglês: Berserk
Fornece 110 a mais de velocidade de ataque e 30 de movimento, em troca de 8 de armadura a menos e o silêncio do usuário. Dura 8 segundos.
Velocidade de ataque adicional: 110
Movimento adicional: 30
Redução de armadura: 8
Duração: 8
Cooldown: 22
Mana: 25
Ignora imunidade a magias. Silence and armor reduction persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Efeito positivo Item Mask Of Madness Berserk: dissipável com qualquer dissipação.


  • Não interrompe as magias de canalização do usuário ao ser usado.

Roubo de Vida
Não pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Ignora imunidade a magias.
A si
Em inglês: Lifesteal
Heals the attacker for 15% of attack damage dealt.
Roubo de vida: 15%
Não pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Lifesteal particles are visible on illusions, but they do not gain health from their attacks.


Heróis recomendados[]

Faceless Void icon
Luna icon
  • Berserk combined with Moon Glaives icon Glaive Lunar allows Luna to deal incredible damage across multiple enemies.
  • The silence is negligible as Luna can open a fight with Eclipse icon Eclipse, and not being able to cast Lucent Beam icon Raio Lunar is only a minor inconvenience later on.
Sniper icon
  • The attack speed increases the chances of Headshot icon Atirar na Cabeça triggering, allowing Sniper to deal more damage per second while keeping enemies at a distance.
  • Sniper's long attack range from Take Aim icon Melhorar Mira and the slows from both Headshot icon Atirar na Cabeça and Shrapnel icon Estilhaços make it harder for enemies to get close to him, making the reduced armor less of an issue.
Sven icon
Terrorblade icon
  • Berserk provides Terrorblade with a significant boost to pushing and farming speed. It can also be used in fights, but is slightly risky as it prevents the use of Sunder icon Sulcar.
  • The debuff does little to inconvenience Terrorblade as he has high armor and can use Conjure Image icon Conjurar Imagem and Metamorphosis icon Metamorfose beforehand.
Ursa icon
  • The attack speed allows Ursa to quickly apply Fury Swipes icon Garras Furiosas stacks to the enemy while Overpower icon Sobrefortalecer is not active, as well as increasing his farming speed.
  • The damage reduction from Enrage icon Enfurecer, as well as Ursa's high Strength and overall tankiness, help Ursa mitigate the armor reduction.
Wraith King icon
  • Mask of Madness provides bonus lifesteal on top of Erro Lua em Módulo:Ability_ID na linha 44: Could not find Cargo data for "Aura Vampírica"., and Berserk provides a significant increase to damage and movement speed.
  • The debuff is negligible on Wraith King due to his tankiness and Reincarnation icon Reencarnação, and he can cast Wraithfire Blast icon Explosão Maldita before using Berserk.


  • Mask of Madness is the most cost-effective DPS and Attack Speed item in the game, costing only 14,79 gold per point of attack speed. The second best DPS item is the Diffusal Blade icon Lâmina Difusora for an agility hero.
  • Use your abilities before activating the Mask of Madness, particularly if you have a disable such as a stun.
    • The active is extremely useful while farming. Taking more physical damage is negligible when simply running between lanes or hitting lane or jungle creeps, especially when the item itself provides sustain by its lifesteal.
  • Mask of Madness can be disassembled in later stages of the game to help a hero build a Butterfly icon Borboleta, an Echo Sabre icon Sabre Ecoante or an Orchid Malevolence icon Orquídea Malevolente from the Quarterstaff and a Vladmir's Offering icon Oferenda de Vladmir or a Satanic icon Satânico from the Morbid Mask.

Items synergy[]

  • Armlet of Mordiggian icon Bracelete de Mordiggian: can negate MoM's armor reduction and MoM's lifesteal will negate health drain of Armlet.
  • Skull Basher icon Esmagador de Crânios: the high attack speed of the mask of madness synergize with the chance based Bash. The movement speed allows you to chase and the bash prevents your prey from hitting you back effectively.
  • Blade Mail icon Cota de Lâminas: will protect you from being focused while the Mask of Madness is active.
  • Diffusal Blade icon Lâmina Difusora: with an Agility hero to burn mana quickly with the massive attack speed bonus granted by the Berserk. You can lifesteal from Manabreak. The Diffusal Blade's active Purge can also apply a 100% movement slow.
  • Bloodthorn icon Espinho Sangrento: will make all your attack crits allowing you to deal a lot more damage and lifesteal quickly and also will silence your enemy from disabling you.
  • Shadow Blade icon Lâmina das Sombras: it allows you to move at or close to the maximum movement speed. Activate the Mask of Madness before going invisible. It can also be used to escape.
  • Silver Edge icon Lâmina de Prata: can reduce your enemy's damage output, making the negative armor debuff less threatening. You can increase your movement speed if you activate your mask of madness before getting invisible.
  • Black King Bar icon Bastão Preto da Realeza: protects you from disablers and nukes.

Counter Items[]

  • Blade Mail icon Cota de Lâminas: will return the damage you take, the armor reduction debuff will make you return more damage than you take.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon Alabarda Celestial: will disarm your enemy, can disarm for 5 seconds a ranged hero (3 seconds against a melee).
  • Scythe of Vyse icon Foice de Vyse: will make the enemy unable to attack for 3 seconds, escaping and using a Black King Bar.
  • Eye of Skadi icon Olho de Skadi: will slow your enemy, it's more effective to get it on a ranged hero against a melee hero.
  • Rod of Atos icon Bastão de Atos: the root is powerful against a melee hero.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Cetro Divino de Eul: disable an enemy and allow you to escape.
  • Dragon Lance icon Lança Dracônica, Aether Lens icon Lente do Éter, and Dagon icon Dagon: can be used to outrange an enemy.