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Sniper icon
Strength attribute symbol
Agility attribute symbol
Intelligence attribute symbol
16 + 1,7
21 + 2,5
15 + 2,6
Nível 0 1 15 25 30
Vida 200 520 980 1 320 1 500
Regen. de vida 0,25 1,85 4,23 5,93 6,78
Mana 75 255 687 999 1 155
Regen. de mana 0 0,75 2,57 3,87 4,52
Armadura -1 2,5 8,33 12,5 14,58
Atq / Seg 0,59 0,71 0,92 1,06 1,14
Dano 15‒21 36‒42 71‒77 96‒102 108‒114
Resistência mágica 25%
▶️ Velocidade de movimento 290
▶️ Velocidade de ataque 100
Taxa de rotação 0,7
Alcance de visão 1800/1800
Alcance de ataque 550
Velocidade de projétil Instantânea
Animação de ataque 0,17+0,7
Tempo base de ataque 1,7
Bloqueio de dano 0
Tamanho de colisão 24
Pernas 2


Shrapnel icon
Consumes a charge to launch a ball of shrapnel that showers the target area in explosive pellets. Enemies are subject to damage and slowed movement. Reveals the targeted area. Shrapnel charges restore every 55 seconds.
Animação de uso: 0,3+0
Cast Range: 1 800
Effect Radius: 275/300/325/350
Effect Delay: 1,2
Damage per Second: 10/25/40/55 (Talento 30/45/60/75)
Move Speed Slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%
Shrapnel Duration: 10
Number of Charges: 3 (Talento 7)
Charge Replenish Time: 24/22/20/18 (Talento 18/16.5/15/13.5)
Cooldown: 0
Mana: 35
Não ignora imunidade a magias. Slow persists and attempts to damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Efeito positivo Shrapnel Charge Counter: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
Efeito negativo Shrapnel Slow: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
Kardel's modular rifle also fires incendiary rounds, useful for assaulting entrenched locations.


  • Modified values: Mana cost, radius, damage per second and charge restore time.
  • Sniper gets all 3 charges upon learning the spell right away.
    • Choosing the +4 charges talent also immediately grants the 4 charges.
  • Shrapnel starts dealing damage, slowing and providing vision after the effect delay.
  • Provides 275/300/325/350 radius flying vision at the targeted area.
  • The damage and the slow are both provided by an aura. Its debuff lingers for 0.5 seconds. Multiple instances of the aura do not stack.
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting immediately as the debuff is placed, resulting in up to 11 possible damage instances.
  • Can deal up to 110/275/440/605 (Talento 330/495/660/825) damage to a single unit (before reductions).

Não pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Disabled by Break. Não ignora imunidade a magias.
Headshot icon
Inimigos / Aliados
Sniper increases his accuracy, giving him a chance to deal extra damage and briefly stop the movements of his enemies.
Proc Chance: 40%
Damage: 15/40/65/90
Move Speed Slow: 100%
Attack Speed Slow: 100
Slow Duration: 0,5
Não ignora imunidade a magias. Slow persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Efeito negativo Headshot Slow: dissipável com qualquer dissipação.
Taking potshots at steepstalkers in his childhood has been thoroughly refined into perfect leads on enemy combatants.


  • Modified values: None.
  • Headshot can be disjointed and it can miss.
  • Sniper can lifesteal off the damage dealt by Headshot. However, it cannot crit.
  • Increases Sniper's attack damage output on average by 6/16/26/36.
  • Cannot proc against wards and buildings, can proc against allies.
  • Headshot uses pseudo-random distribution.

Take Aim
Pode ser usada pelas ilusões. Disabled by Break. Ignora imunidade a magias.
Take Aim icon
A si
Extends the attack range of Sniper's rifle.
Attack Range Bonus: 100/200/300/400
Kardel always takes it upon himself to stay as far from harm as he can while still performing his role - taking perfect aim.


  • Modified values: None.
  • Increases Sniper's total attack range to 650/750/850/950 (Talento 750/850/950/1050).

Assassinate icon
(Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. Área-alvo)
(Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. Físico)
Sniper locks onto a target enemy unit and, after 2 seconds, fires a devastating shot that deals damage at long range. When the shell strikes the target, it stuns it for 3s and causes a scatter shot in a cone, dealing half damage to targets behind the primary target.
Animação de uso: 2+1,17
Cast Range: 2 000/2 500/3 000
Scatter Range: 600/800/1 000
Scatter Width: 350/400/450
Damage: 1 000/1 400/1 800 (Com Cetro de Aghanim 0)
Stun Duration: 3
Radius: 0 (Com Cetro de Aghanim 400)
Critical Damage: 0% (Com Cetro de Aghanim 280%)
Cooldown: 20/15/10 (Talento 15/11.25/7.5)
Mana: 150/225/300
Aprimoramento do Cetro de Aghanim: Turns Assassinate into a ground target AoE ability, that after the channel period launches a critical strike and procs headshot on units in the AoE.
Efeito negativo Assassinate: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
Efeito negativo Stunned: dissipável com dissipação poderosa.
In order to fulfill the prophecy and return to his home town, Kardel must make another shot as perfect as the one on the day of his ancient test.


  • Modified values: Damage, damage type and stun duration.
  • The projectile travels at a speed of 2500 and can be disjointed.
  • Assassinate places a debuff on the target as soon as Sniper begins casting.
    • The debuff lasts 4 seconds, or until the projectile lands, or the cast gets canceled.
    • The debuff grants shared vision with the targeted unit. Does not provide any vision when targeting neutral creeps.
    • The debuff grants True Sight over the target. This means that Assassinate cannot be canceled or be disjointed with invisibility.
  • Can directly target invulnerable units, and does not get canceled if the target turns invulnerable during the cast time.
    • The vision debuff is not placed when targeting an invulnerable unit, but stays if the unit turned invulnerable during the cast time.
    • The projectile does not affect the target if it is still invulnerable on impact.
  • Upon projectile impact, the projectile scatters, launching new projectiles to everyone behind the target.
    • The area is rectangular behind the target. The launched projectiles trave at half the speed of the initial projectile, at 1250.
    • The projectiles deal 60% less damage than the primary projectile, dealing 400/560/720 damage.
    • The secondary targets are not stunned.
  • When upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter, Assassinate targets every enemy unit within the target area.
    • The upgrade causes the scatter effect and the prolonged stun to not happen.
    • It also deals less damage unless Sniper has at least 358/500/643 attack damage (not considering target armor).
    • Unlike the single-target version, the upgraded Assassinate fully ignores invulnerable units. It neither initially targets them, nor does it launch a projectile for them.
    • All targets are marked upon cast. Entering or leaving the area during the cast time as no effect.
    • While the single-target version is subject to the motion buffer range, the area targeted version is not, meaning no matter how far a marked enemy moves away, it will get hit.
    • This means even if an enemy teleports away after being marked, Sniper still launches the projectile towards them.
    • If no valid targets are within the area, the spell still gets cast, wasting mana and cooldown.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter causes Sniper to perform an instant attack on all targets.
    • The launched projectile is still the regular Assassinate projectile, but having its damage set to 0. The instant attack is perfomed when the projectile hits its target.
    • These instant attacks do not use Sniper's attack projectile speed, they hit their targets instantly.
    • These attacks have True Strike, and can therefore never miss. They also ignore disarms.
    • Can proc any attack modifier on all of the hit targets normally. Can also proc any on-hit effects, including Damage Block.
    • Thse attack have an ensured critical strike. They also always proc Headshot icon Headshot.


Talentos do herói
+4 Shrapnel icon Shrapnel Charges25+100 Attack Range
25% Cooldown Reduction20+8 Armor
+200 Health15+20 Shrapnel icon Shrapnel DPS
+15 Attack Speed10+4 Mana Regen
  • Replaced talents: None.
  • The mana regen is added as a bonus and does not benefit illusions.
  • Upgrading health increases maximum health capacity and keeps the current health percentage.
  • Cooldown reduction affects abilities and items. Stacks multiplicatively with Octarine Core icon Octarine Core.
  • Cooldown reduction affects charge replenish time of Shrapnel icon Shrapnel.
  • The armor is added as bonus armor, and therefore does not benefit illusions.