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Disruptor icon
Strength attribute symbol
Agility attribute symbol
Intelligence attribute symbol
19 + 1,9
15 + 1,4
22 + 2,5
Nível 0 1 15 25 30
Vida 200 580 1 100 1 480 1 680
Regen. de vida 0,25 2,15 4,81 6,71 7,66
Mana 75 339 759 1 059 1 203
Regen. de mana 0 1,1 2,85 4,1 4,73
Armadura -1 1,5 4,77 7,1 8,27
Atq / Seg 0,59 0,68 0,79 0,87 0,92
Dano 27‒31 49‒53 84‒88 109‒113 121‒125
Resistência mágica 25%
▶️ Velocidade de movimento 300
▶️ Velocidade de ataque 100
Taxa de rotação 0,5
Alcance de visão 1800/1800
Alcance de ataque 600
Velocidade de projétil Instantânea
Animação de ataque 0,4+0,5
Tempo base de ataque 1,7
Bloqueio de dano 0
Tamanho de colisão 24
Pernas 2


Thunder Strike
Thunder Strike icon
Repeatedly strikes the targeted unit with lightning. Each strike damages nearby enemy units in a small radius. Provides vision of its target.
Animação de uso: 0,05+0
Cast Range: 800 (Talento 900)
Damage Radius: 240
Number of Strikes: 4 (Talento 8)
Damage per Strike: 40/60/80/100
Duration: 6 (Talento 14)
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9 (Talento 10.2/9.35/8.5/7.65)
Mana: 130
Não ignora imunidade a magias. Continues to apply area effect if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled. Does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies.
Bloqueado parcialmente pela Esfera de Linken. Blocked fully only when primary target.
Efeito negativo Thunder Strike: dissipável com qualquer dissipação.
Disruptor's charged coils occasionally overload, and a singed armor plate or tuft of fur is the enemy's result.


  • Modified values: None.
  • When the target avoids the damage by turning invulnerable or hidden, it still deals damage around it.
  • Reveals the target through the Fog of War for its duration.
  • Strikes the target in 2 second intervals, starting immediately when the debuff is placed, resulting in 4 (Talento 8) strikes.
  • Can deal up to 160/240/320/400 (Talento 320/480/640/800) damage to a single unit (before reductions).
  • The debuff persists through death. If the target dies, it continues to apply damage at its death location.
  • Provides 400 range flying vision for 3.34 seconds at the target's last location when the debuff expires or is removed.
  • The visual effects of the spell do not appear when the target enters the Fog of War.
  • Successive casts on the same unit do not stack, using it on an enemy already affected only refreshes the duration.

Glimpse icon
Teleports all enemy units in the target area back to where they were 4 seconds ago.
Animação de uso: 0,05+0,83
Cast Range: 600/1 000/1 400/1 800 (Talento 700/1100/1500/1900)
Radius: 300
Cooldown: 15/13/11/9 (Talento 12.75/11.05/9.35/7.65)
Mana: 40
Efeito negativo Glimpse Thinker: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
Playing with electricity can have unexpected results.


  • Modified values: Unit target to area target, mana cost, cooldown
  • Glimpse does not instantly move the targets back. Projectile spawn from the targets which travel towards their marks.
    • The projectiles travel at a speed of 600, or reach their marks in 1.8 seconds, whichever is faster.
  • The locations at which the targets land after Glimpse is marked with a blue visual effect which is visible to everyone.
  • The projectiles provide 300 range flying vision while traveling, which lingers for 3.34 seconds at the marked location.
  • Does not move spell immune units, but can move invulnerable and hidden units.
  • The targets are given a stop command as soon as they are moved back, effectively canceling channeling spells.

Kinetic Field
Kinetic Field icon
After a short formation time, creates a circular barrier of kinetic energy that enemies can't pass.
Animação de uso: 0,05+0
Cast Range: 900 (Talento 1000)
Field Radius: 340
Effect Delay: 1,2/1/0,8/0,6
Duration: 3/4/5/6
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10 (Talento 11.05/10.2/9.35/8.5)
Mana: 70
Não ignora imunidade a magias. The Barrier's effect persists if its modifier was placed before spell immunity.
Efeito negativo Kinetic Field: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
The stryder is immune to the gale-force winds that will consume its adversaries.


  • Modified values: Effect delay and duration.
  • The effect delay is not included in the field's duration. The actual duration starts right after the delay.
  • Stops enemies by slowing them with a slow aura. The aura has a radius of 408 and is centered on the field.
    • The slow gets exponentially stronger towards the visible barrier, which has a 340 radius.
    • This effectively causes enemy units touching the barrier to come to halt.
    • The slow is only present when facing towards the barrier. Units at the barrier facing away from it are not slowed.
    • The aura's effect lingers for 0.5 seconds, resulting in an effective duration of 3.1/3.7/4.3/4.9.
    • Since the slow is fluctuating a lot, it is not displayed in the HUD.
  • Only prevents enemies from walking out of or into the area. Forced movement is not prevented and can thus get units in or out.
  • A unit affected by Kinetic Field cannot be pushed with Force Staff icon Force Staff or an allied Hurricane Pike icon Hurricane Pike.
    • This includes enemy units inside the field, and enemy units affected by the slow aura, no matter if in or outside.
    • This means an enemy not affected by the barrier at all can be pushed through it.
    • Since spell immune units are fully unaffected, a self-cast Force Staff is not prevented for spell immune heroes.
  • Provides 325 range ground vision at the center of the area during the effect delay and the field's duration.

Static Storm
Static Storm icon
Creates a damaging static storm that also silences all enemy units in the area for the duration. The damage starts off weak, but increases in power over the duration.
Animação de uso: 0,05+0
Cast Range: 800 (Talento 900)
Storm Radius: 450/500/550
Maximum Damage per Second: 200/250/300 (Com Cetro de Aghanim 280/350/420)
Duration: 5 (Com Cetro de Aghanim 7)
Cooldown: 30> (Talento 25.5)
Mana: 175
Aprimoramento do Cetro de Aghanim: Mutes items and increases duration.
Não ignora imunidade a magias. Silence (and mute) persist if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Efeito negativo Static Storm: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.
A summer squall in Druud is a hardship that only an Oglodi can survive.


  • Modified values: Mana cost, cooldown and radius.
  • The silence is provided by an aura, which lingers for 0.5 seconds, or until the storm ends, whichever is shorter.
  • Silences (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. and mutes) invulnerable units, but not hidden units.
  • Deals damage in 0.25 second intervals, starting 0.25 seconds after cast, resulting in 20 (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. 28) damage instances.
  • This is how much damage each interval deals (before reductions) on each level:
    • Level 1: 2/5/7/10/12/15/17/20/22/25/27/30/32/35/37/40/42/45/47/50 (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. /52/55/57/60/62/65/67/70) damage
    • Level 2: 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/25/28/31/34/37/40/43/46/50/53/56/59/62 (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. /65/68/71/75/78/81/84/87) damage
    • Level 3: 3/7/11/15/18/22/26/30/33/37/41/45/48/52/56/60/63/67/71/75 (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. /78/82/86/90/93/97/101/105) damage
  • Can deal up to 520/648/780 (Aprimorável pelo Cetro de Aghanim. 1009/1257/1512) damage to a single unit (before reductions).


Talentos do herói
+30% Magic Resistance25+4 Thunder Strike icon Thunder Strike Hits
+10% Spell Amplification2015% Cooldown Reduction
+40 Movement Speed15+200 Health
+12 All Stats10+100 Cast Range
  • Replaced talents: Gold income bonus replaced by +12 all stats and respawn time reduction replaced by 40 movement speed.
  • Upgrading health increases maximum health capacity and keeps the current health percentage.
  • Cooldown reduction affects abilities and items. Stacks multiplicatively with Octarine Core icon Octarine Core.
  • The magic resistance stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.
  • The talent increases the number of Thunder Strike icon Thunder Strike strikes by increasing its duration by 8 seconds.