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Estilo de jogo
Jakiro minimap icon Jakiro is a tanky intelligence hero with low cooldown damage over time spells and high amounts of magic damage. He offers a large amount of teamfight with Ice Path icon Caminho de Gelo e Macropyre icon Macrópiro, and push with Dual Breath icon Baforada Dupla and Liquid Fire icon Fogo Líquido
Prós Contras
  • Tanky lane support.
  • Fast and efficient lane pusher/tower sieger.
  • Low cooldown disables.
  • Large AoE control.
  • Não depende de itens.
  • Easily avoidable spells with longer cast times.
  • Bastante lento.

Empurrador e suporte de trilha pesado[]

Using your low mana cost spell Dual Breath along with Liquid Fire which has no mana cost at all you will be heavily bullying heroes that depend heavily on damage block such as Axe minimap icon Axe and Tidehunter minimap icon Tidehunter out exp range. While Dual Breath is better for killing heroes during rune fights with its decent slow and damage, level one liquid fire gives earlier spammable harass and can easily force an early salve from enemy offlaners crippling their laning. Either spell level one is acceptable just save your skill point until lane. Once your Liquid Fire has lost some of its potency against the enemy offlaner and your carry is farmed you should be aiming to take as many Tier 1 towers as you can, your Liquid Fire does huge amount of damage to buildings if you are ever left alone with them for a short period of time. By securing your team as many early towers as possible you open the enemy team to ganks and limit their farming. When grouping team fight open with Liquid Fire, then catch as many in your Macropyre as you can and drop an Ice Path over them, following up with Dual Breath to slow as many targets attempting to escape your ult as you can.

Low Cooldown Teamfight[]

Similar to the other style of Jakiro in lane except with an extra early point in Dual Breath and stopping Liquid Fire at level 2 to put towards earlier Ice Path levels for teamfights forgoing some early push. Level 2 Dual Breath is twice the damage as level 1 for 5 extra mana. By level 8 Ice Path gives a 2 second disable on a 10 second cooldown, giving you serious disruption to enemy teams. This build is far more reliant on your teammate's pushing power and damage but is effective when combined with a team that likes to group early with powerful early spells like Decay icon Degeneração, Erro Lua em Módulo:Ability_ID na linha 44: Could not find Cargo data for "Bola de Neve"., items such as Mekansm icon Mekansm or Blink Dagger icon Adaga de Translocação, or heroes like Viper minimap icon Viper, Clockwerk minimap icon Clockwerk, or Slardar minimap icon Slardar

Configurações de habilidade[]

Heavy Lane Support/Push
Dual Breath iconLiquid Fire iconIce Path iconLiquid Fire iconLiquid Fire iconMacropyre iconLiquid Fire iconDual Breath iconDual Breath iconUnknown iconDual Breath iconMacropyre iconUnknown iconUnknown iconUnknown iconUnknown iconUnknown iconMacropyre iconUnknown iconUnknown icon
Low Cooldown Teamfight
Dual Breath iconLiquid Fire iconIce Path iconDual Breath iconLiquid Fire iconMacropyre iconIce Path iconIce Path iconDual Breath iconUnknown iconDual Breath iconMacropyre iconIce Path iconLiquid Fire iconUnknown iconLiquid Fire iconUnknown iconMacropyre iconUnknown iconUnknown icon


Talentos do herói
+1,25s de duração para Ice Path icon Caminho de Gelo25Macropyre icon Macrópiro causa dano puro e ignora imunidade
+150 de ouro por minuto20-60 de velocidade de ataque para Liquid Fire icon Fogo Líquido
+40 de dano para Dual Breath icon Baforada Dupla15+40% de experiência obtida
+8% de amplificação arcana10+300 de alcance de ataque
  • O ouro fornecido pelo talento não é seguro.

Dicas e táticas[]


  • Jakiro has a slower turn rate than most other Heroes. Coupled with his long cast and attack animations, it makes it difficult for him to land his spells effectively when his enemies are behind him, as nimble opponents are able to see Jakiro's actions being telegraphed to them and can take the appropriate measures to either sidestep or counter them.
  • At level 6, you may opt to skip your ultimate if you don't have Arcane Boots icon Botas Arcanas yet, as the crowd control it provides compared to spamming all of your other abilities is far less efficient for its mana cost.
  • Leveling Ice Path over Liquid Fire and Dual Breath is not advisable for early game impact, as each Ice Path only adds 0.5 seconds of duration and -1 second of cooldown, with no additional damage.
  • If you intend to max out Liquid Fire by level 7, you may want to opt for different boots, as you may not be consuming enough mana for Arcane Boots to be truly useful. Instead, you can go for Phase Boots for mobility and damage, Power Treads for durability and attack speed, Tranquil Boots for health regeneration and mobility, or even keep your brown boots for upgrading to Boots of Travel later, giving you split-pushing potential, and ensuring your presence in teamfights.
  • The huge range and lasting area effect of Ice Path make it roughly analogous to Earthshaker's Fissure icon Fissura. It is an amazing spell for opening up opportunities to fight or to shut down aggression. It doesn't do much damage, however.
  • Liquid Fire is a spell with a smaller area of effect but has the largest damage growth (the DPS for all four levels roughly doubles for each level and the DPS is as follows: 3.75/6.67/12.5/30), but its effect is free additional damage and provides an attack speed slow, and should be prioritized during the early game, as it can be kept active on a target constantly when maxed out.
    • Hits with Liquid Fire are very useful for tower pushing, as it reduces the tower's attack speed. It does enough damage to towers that even hit-and-runs with Liquid Fire can reduce tower health significantly.
    • It is also suitable for pushing lane creeps in the same way, although players should not expect to push down waves in the same way as other, more powerful lane control spells. Instead, they should use it in conjunction with Dual Breath and use the combined damage over time to push the lane.
  • When you can afford it, the movement slow from Shiva's Guard icon Proteção de Shiva's active can be stacked with Dual Breath to maximize the time your enemies spend inside a Macropyre.
    • Shiva's Guard's passive also stacks with Dual Breath and Liquid Fire's attack speed slows, providing even more impact.
  • Combine Macropyre with spells that keep the enemy in place as long as possible, such as Chronosphere, Black Hole, Upheaval, or Duel. It does not guarantee damage without these effects, and is a fairly low damage spell, so chaining it with other spells is necessary for any real effect.
    • This also works to counter enemy spells and melee heroes that require they stay in an area; throw Macropyre from outside Chronosphere, for example, to dissuade Void from attacking your teammates.


Dual Breath icon Baforada Dupla[]

  • Dual Breath has an enormously long second cast backswing, so it is often worthwhile to cancel it by hitting "stop" key after Dual Breath reaches its cast point. This will allow Jakiro to cast another spell, attack, or move in rapid succession after casting Dual Breath.
  • Dual Breath deals a greater than average damage compared to other similar area of effect spells (barring ultimates), making it a very good skill for pushing lanes. Take note that the damage is dealt overtime and can be countered by high health regeneration and can be dispelled.
  • Dual Breath's casting mechanics is such that it applies a slow debuff first before the damage overtime debuff. Coupled with its long casting animation, quick-fingered opponents may be able to evade the damage overtime debuff.
  • Dual Breath can be used as an effective farming tool. A max level Dual Breath coupled with Liquid Fire can quickly wear down creep waves and small-to-medium jungle camps.

Ice Path icon Caminho de Gelo[]

  • Ice Path will stun any enemy unit that comes in contact with it for the duration it has remaining on the battlefield. meaning that in many cases, most opponents won't be stunned for the full duration of Ice Path if it doesn't land directly on them.
    • Ice Path makes for a good area denial spell, as it covers a large area, similar to Invoker minimap icon Invoker's Ice Wall icon Parede de Gelo and Underlord minimap icon Underlord's Pit of Malice icon Fosso da Malícia.
    • Predicting where an enemy will go and casting Ice Path at that area right before the enemy gets there, causing the enemy walk into Ice Path, is just as effective as casting the Ice Path directly on an enemy.
  • Ice Path has a fixed damage of 50, meaning that, by itself, it isn't a good source of damage. Be sure you have other spells ready to be cast right after Ice Path, or that you have other teammates to support you to maximise the effectiveness of Ice Path's utility.
  • Shooting Ice Path from outside enemy vision is much more advantageous than using it in front of their faces, since its linear AoE and telegraph make it easily avoidable.
    • Try to surprise enemies from the fog of war, higher ground, or from invisibility effects e.g. Glimmer Cape.
  • The level 25 talent can increase Ice Path's stun duration to a devastating 4 seconds; it can easily shut down enemy carries while simultaneously allowing your own teammates to dish out free damage.
    • This talent should be taken against enemy teams that have a lot of damage output, since it will give your teammates some breathing space in a teamfight.
    • However, you should not opt for this talent if the enemy team (especially their carries) have good dispels, Black King Bars or abilities that give Spell Immunity.
  • Ice Path grants vision to the area that it is cast at, making it a good spell to check the Roshan pit or an incoming push.

Liquid Fire icon Fogo Líquido[]

  • Liquid Fire is a great way to harass opponents during the laning stage. If nothing else, the attack speed reduction should mess with the enemy laner's ability to last hit effectively.
    • At level 4, Liquid Fire can be applied to the same opponent continuously, as the debuff lasts for 5 seconds and spell has a cooldown of 4 seconds. It can be used to effectively keep harassers in check by hampering their attack speed almost indefinitely.
    • Liquid Fire is incredibly effective against enemies with a low natural attack speed, such as Roshan and siege creeps, as it will reduce their already slow attack rate to a crawl.
    • Liquid Fire fully affects buildings and will cause towers to suffer a reduction in their attack speed, making it a great tool for pushing.
  • Liquid Fire has a greater attack range when cast manually. Use that to your advantage when you're against Heroes with a naturally greater attack range than you, or when your opponent is just out of reach of your own natural attack range.
  • Liquid Fire is the only skill in Jakiro's arsenal that can bypass spell immunity. This makes it an effective spell to counter natural users of Black King Bar icon Bastão Preto da Realeza, such as Phantom Assassin minimap icon Phantom Assassin and Sven minimap icon Sven as the attack speed reduction fully affects them.

Macropyre icon Macrópiro[]

  • Like Dual Breath icon Baforada Dupla, Macropyre has a long cast backswing animation. Hitting the "stop" key during Macropyre's backswing animation after the cast point is reached will allow Jakiro to queue up other actions. As in the case of Dual Breath, mastering this can slightly increase Jakiro's DPS or effectiveness.
  • Macropyre has lasts for a long duration and has a relatively short cooldown, making a very good spell for area-denial.
    • Rather than casting Macropyre to damage the enemy directly, try to position it so as to block strategically important areas e.g. allied/enemy towers and escape routes.
    • Macropyre can also be used to make an arena for your teammates to fight in, since enemies inside the AoE are put at a great disadvantage. This is generally best accomplished by casting Macropyre right after a teamfight has begun, and avoiding spreading-out.
    • Don't ignore Macropyre's potential for raw damage; considering the situation you can use it to bump off stray enemy Supports, preferably after trapping them in Ice Path first.
    • With Aghanim's Scepter icon Cetro de Aghanim's upgrade, Macropyre lasts for 30 seconds. When cast at the right intervals, it can effectively clear 2 waves of creeps and give your team a huge advantage in terms of pushing.
  • Macropyre's huge coverage means that it can clear vast areas of forest very easily. Bear this in mind if you have allies or enemies that utilise trees for their abilities.
  • The level 25 talent changes Macropyre's damage to Pure and allows it to pierce spell immunity.
    • Opt for this talent if the enemy team has tanky heroes, Spell Immunity, or a significant gold advantage over your team.
    • It may also be chosen if your team has a low damage output.
    • It's better to choose this talent if you have an Aghanim's Sceptre. If your farming didn't go well you may choose the Ice Path talent.
  • Due to low reliability of Macropyre against heroes but relatively short cooldown, Jakiro can opt to use this ability on creep waves, helping with pushing or defending buildings.


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