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Fragmento Restaurador
Refresher Shard icon
Em um plano de batalhas sem fim, o desejo do Imortal pelo triunfo nunca fraquejou.
Ativo Zerar Intervalos
Cargas 1
Bônus [?]
Alerta aliados? Não
Fragmento Restaurador

Fragmento Restaurador é um item que é derrubado pelo Roshan a partir da sua terceira aparição.

Informações adicionais[]

{{#set:|bounty min=500}}

  • Fragmento Restaurador é completamente compartilhável.
    • Although Refresher Shard cannot be bought, it can be sold for {{#show:Fragmento Restaurador|?bounty min#}} gold. However, only the hero picking it up first can sell it.
    • If a courier is the first unit to pick up the shard, it cannot be sold by anyone, even if it remains on the courier or is given to a hero afterwards.
  • Refresher Shards do not stack in the inventory. Each acquired instance requires its own slot.
  • Unlike the Aegis of the Immortal icon Égide do Imortal, Refresher Shard is not reclaimed by Roshan.


Zerar Intervalos
Sem alvo
A si
Zera o intervalo entre usos de todos os seus itens e habilidades.
Cooldown: 200


  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Only refreshes items in the user's inventory. Items in the stash, in other units' inventories or dropped items are unaffected.
  • Only refreshes items owned by the user. Allied items in the inventory are not refreshed.
  • Refreshes all spells owned by the user. This includes hidden or inactive spells (e.g. invoked spells or Battle Cry icon Rugido de Batalha).
    • This means that it does not refresh all spells for Rubick minimap icon Rubick. Stolen spells are only refreshed when he owns them upon refreshing.
  • Also replenishes all charges of charge-based abilities.
  • Visually resets the cooldown of Tranquil Boots icon Botas Serenas, but does not skip the broken state.
  • Does not refresh Refresher Orb icon Orbe Restaurador's cooldown, or the cooldown of other Refresher Shards.
  • Does not share cooldown with Refresher Orb.


  • The Refresher Shard is basically a Refresher Orb icon Refresher Orb with a single charge, so the same tips apply to it.
  • However, due to it having no mana cost, and no gold cost, it opens a lot of possibilities for heroes who normally don't or can't buy a Refresher Orb, either due to the lack of mana supporting combos, being unable to farm it up, or it being too ineffective for the item slot.
  • The Refresher Shard does not share a cooldown with Refresher Orb. Combined with the lack of a mana cost, this means it makes it possible for heroes who already have a Refresher Orb to use their spells three times in a fight.
  • In some scenarios, it might be worth it to sell the Refresher Shard for its selling price of {{#show:Fragmento Restaurador|?bounty min#}} gold to buy a key item sooner rather than consuming it.


  • The Refresher Shard's icon and in-game model are based on the Refresher Orb. Its active uses the same sound and visual effect as Refresher Orb.