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Cota de Lâminas
Blade Mail icon.png
Uma roupa de malha afiada, é a escolha de mártires altruístas na batalha.
Ativo Retorno de Dano
Bônus [?] +10 de Inteligência
+5 de armadura
Desmontável? Não
Alerta aliados? Não
Cota de Lâminas (2200)Components3.png
Espada Larga (1.200)
Cota de Malha (550)
Túnica dos Magos (450)

Cota de Lâminas é um item comprável na loja da base, na categoria armaduras. It can also be completed solely with items from the Side Lane Shop.

Informações adicionais[]


Retorno de Dano
Sem alvo
Em inglês: Damage Return
Durante {{#show:#Retorno de Dano|?value2#}} segundos, reflete qualquer dano sofrido à unidade que o causou.
Dano refletido: 100%
Duração: 4 5
Cooldown: 25
Mana: 25
Ignora imunidade a magias. Dano mágico retornado é reduzido a 0.
Efeito positivo Item Blade Mail Reflect: não é dissipável, continua após a morte.


  • Retorna o mesmo tipo de dano sofrido.
  • Retorna o dano sofrido antes de todas as manipulações. No entanto, a manipulação de dano em inimigos ainda afeta o dano normalmente.
  • O dano retornado é sempre causado após sofrer o dano.
  • O dano retornado tem a marcação de sem reflexão, impedindo seu dano de interagir com outras fontes de dano com a mesma marcação.
  • Retorna o dano de volta à fonte. Isso significa que, o dano causado por invocações é refletido às invocações, não ao invocador.
  • O retorno de dano tem um alcance global e afeta unidades através da névoa de guerra ou invisibilidade.
  • O dano retornado não pode ser amplificado com amplificação de dano de magias e não pode causar roubo de vida mágico.

Heróis recomendados[]

Axe icon.png
  • If taking  Contraespiral damage was not enough of a punishment for attacking the Axe, then Blade Mail will make sane people cry. Few heroes can stomach taking damage from both abilities early on, and Blade Mail continues to be lethal in the late game, unlike Counter Helix which scales off.
  • As a side note, Blade Mail gives Axe much needed points in Intelligence early on, allowing him to cast a bit more before running out of juice.
Legion Commander icon.png
  •  Duelo forces enemies to engage Legion Commander head-on and attack her without pause, maximizing Blade Mail's efficiency if she is using it.
Clockwerk icon.png
  • Similar to Axe minimap icon.png Axe and Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, Clockwerk can stop heroes from running away from him and forces out engagements while continuously barraging the enemy with  Investida de Bateria. Having Blade Mail makes it so much worse for them as Clockwerk's high health pool makes it very unlikely that he will die first
  • Clockwerk also benefits from all the stats Blade Mail provides.
    • The extra armor is very vital as Clockwerk is otherwise short in armor
    • The extra attack damage let him hit harder with his right-click
    • Clockwerk suffers badly from a miniature mana pool, so the extra Intelligence points are very needed.
Elder Titan icon.png
  • Pairs really well with  Estado Natural.
  • Elder Titan loves to be in the middle of the fight.


  • It is a powerful counter against Bloodthorn icon.png Espinho Sangrento and Silver Edge icon.png Lâmina de Prata to prevent enemies from attacking you while under the debuff. Just note that players who buy them will usually come with a Nullifier icon.png Anulador, effectively shutting you down.
  • Enemies with copious amounts of damage resistance or high health could very easily ignore Blade Mail's ability. Heroes like Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa, Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre, and Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon are good examples of said resistant heroes, as are items such as Pipe of Insight icon.png Cachimbo de Introspecção or Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Coração do Tarrasque.
  • It can be useful to get Blade Mail if you get outcarried, to counter the DPS and turn the enemy's damage against them.
  • Buy it as a counter if the opposing team has high damage (crits, nukes or attack speed) and have low health. If timed properly, some heroes can get killed just from their own damage. And even if you cannot do that, it could make the enemy hesitant to attack you for {{#show:#Damage Return|?value2#}} seconds.
  • A good situation to use Blade Mail is if you're inflicted with a heavy damage over time ability. For example, you can kill (or severely damage) Bloodseeker minimap icon.png Bloodseeker by walking around with  Ruptura, or Tinker minimap icon.png Tinker by staying under his  Marcha das Máquinas. However, do make sure that you yourself can take the damage you'll be receiving, else you'll just be helping the enemy instead.
  • The return damage is only dealt to the unit who attacks. Therefore, Techies minimap icon.png Techies' mines, Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor's  Sentinela da Morte and Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman's  Serpentes Sentinelas won't affect their main hero as they are considered separate units.
    • Since the Blade Mail returns damage on the unit that attacks the owner, you can use Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon units to attack and the melee Necronomicon Warrior will die quicker to return 800 damage.
  • This is a commonly bought item for initiator heroes that can soak up some damage (commonly Strength heroes), such as Clockwerk minimap icon.png Clockwerk or Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Spirit Breaker.
  • Blade Mail is less effective with evasion because it reduces the hits you receive, and thus the damage you can return.
  • It also loses effectiveness against enemies who can turn themselves or their allies invulnerable with abilities like  Troca de Fase or  Prisão Astral, or with Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Cetro Divino de Eul, as Blade Mail cannot damage invulnerable units.
  • It is an ultimate counter against heroes who rely on critical strikes such as Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Bounty Hunter, Wraith King minimap icon.png Wraith King, etc. Also against Crystalys icon.png Cristális or its upgrades Daedalus icon.png Dédalo and Bloodthorn icon.png Espinho Sangrento.

Items Synergy[]

  • Shadow Blade icon.png Lâmina das Sombras, Blink Dagger icon.png Adaga de Translocação and Force Staff icon.png Cajado de Força: these are good ganking and initiation items.
  • Mask of Madness icon.png Máscara da Loucura: will protect you from being attacked while under the debuff of the Mask of Madness.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orquídea Malevolente: gives a lot of attack damage especially on intelligence heroes and the soul burn deals 30% of the damage returned by Blade Mail as magic damage. It is more effective against enemy carries.
  • Crimson Guard icon.png Proteção Carmesim: gives you more armor and damage block, allowing to return more physical damage than you take, since it gets reflected before reductions.
    • The same applies to magic resistance or any other source of damage reduction. For example, even if incoming damage is fully blocked by spells like  Tempo Emprestado, Blade Mail still reflects the full damage.

Counter items[]

  • Nullifier icon.png Anulador: the mute takes out the enemy's ability to use his items for 5 seconds.
  • Crimson Guard icon.png Proteção Carmesim: with the active gives 7 armor and blocks 60-70 reflected damage. Less effective if you do critical strikes on the enemy.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Cetro Divino de Eul: disables an enemy while the return damage is active.
  • Satanic icon.png Satânico: the active Unholy Rage gives a total of 200% lifesteal. So it heals more than the damage returned by Blade Mail.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Foice de Vyse: will disable your enemy from using the damage return.